Month: September 2017

Lawn Care_Above and Beyond

Happy Raking

That time of year has come already!! Fall is here in Omaha, Nebraska and so are the leaves. On top of pretty awesome weather, the scenery in the fall is great! The leaves changing colors on all of the trees is so cool to see. I do thoroughly enjoy the looks of Omaha in the fall.

Omaha Landscaping_Above & Beyond

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall is the best time to apply fertilizer in Nebraska. The cooler weather allows for active growth while the plant is rapidly storing nutrients in the roots for the following spring. Applying a slow release or organic fertilizer at a high rate late in the fall will allow your lawn to green the fastest the following spring. Typically late in the fall the annual weeds have died off so the fertilizer is focused on the target grass and very little is wasted. If you only receive one application per season this is the time–mid to late September.

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