Aerate and Overseed

Another important step in maintaining a pristine Omaha grass and lawn is to start with proper aeration and seeding practices. 

Above & Beyond CGM can determine very quickly if this is something that could help your lawn. 

We’ll determine the right time to perform this service and accurately prep and seed your lawn to ensure long-term results.


Just like we need air to survive, our lawns and turf also require the room to “breathe.” If oxygen, water, and other necessary nutrients can’t reach the root base, your lawn will fail to thrive.

An Omaha lawn that needs aeration is one that has soil that appears heavily compacted and can contain an abundance of dead grass or thatch. If this is the situation your turf is in, aeration can help provide the breath of fresh air your suffering lawn needs.

A quick and easy way to determine if your lawn would benefit from aeration is to insert a small metal stake or screwdriver into the soil, then attempting to twist it in either direction. If it is difficult to twist, your lawn is likely heavily compacted and needs some relief before it will effectively soak up necessary water and nutrients to stay healthy.

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance offers effective Omaha aeration services to keep soil loosened and your turf in full health.

The Need To Seed

Late summer and early fall is usually a great time to think about overseeding your Omaha lawn. Taking time to sow the seeds at this time of the year gives them all winter to germinate underground and emerge in the spring to produce the thick, green lawn and turf we all strive for. There are also other situations when overseeding is just the right course of action, and Above & Beyond CGM’s experienced Omaha technicians can let you know if this is something that should be considered for the overall health of your lawn.

Proper seeding must take into consideration things like precise timing and the types of grass growing in your particular yard. 

Above & Beyond will make sure the best grass seed mixture is used for your unique situation, keeping in mind existing growth, soil nutrients, soil compaction and other less obvious factors such as the amount of sunlight the area receives.

We’ll also take the important step to be sure your turf’s pH soil levels are ideal for effective seeding to take place. Then, using high-quality equipment designed to optimize the seeding process, we’ll complete the process completely, being careful not to cause stress to the existing blades of grass. The result is a lush, beautiful green lawn.


For those times when seeding isn’t the ideal option, Above & Beyond will recommend and can install sod onto the existing soil. Carefully preparing the area, assessing soil conditions, moisture, and other important factors are all a part of our process to be sure the sod will get the right start it needs to take hold and flourish. We’ll also help you identify the ideal watering schedule to get your sod growing and keep it healthy.

Let Above & Beyond CGM manage the overall health and beauty of your Omaha lawn with our expert aeration and overseeding options. Call us at (402) 934-8866 to schedule your appointment with our grounds crews today!

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