Preventing winter lawn damage

You may have noticed your grass isn’t growing as fast as it was a few months ago. In Omaha and most parts of the country, grass goes dormant in the winter. It’s too cold for any grass to grow so we wait patiently for spring – sometimes under snow cover, sometimes not.

Why you need a Paver Patio

Paver patios are attractive to anyone designing an outdoor living space for many reasons: they offer attractive design options, are relatively inexpensive, and will last for years if installed correctly by a professional Omaha landscaper, like Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance.

Fall Landscaping Maintenance

From the changing colored leaves to the cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect season to take advantage of all that the season offers with entertaining and enjoying your home. Now that the fall season is upon us, don’t think that all your work is done!

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Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall is the best time to apply fertilizer in Nebraska. The cooler weather allows for active growth while the plant is rapidly storing nutrients in the roots for the following spring. Applying a slow release or organic fertilizer at a high rate late in the fall will allow your lawn to green the fastest the following spring. Typically late in the fall the annual weeds have died off so the fertilizer is focused on the target grass and very little is wasted. If you only receive one application per season this is the time–mid to late September.

Raking Leaves

Happy Raking

That time of year has come already!! Fall is here in Omaha, Nebraska and so are the leaves. On top of pretty awesome weather, the scenery in the fall is great! The leaves changing colors on all of the trees is so cool to see. I do thoroughly enjoy the looks of Omaha in the fall.

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Do You Know What a Hardscape is?

Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance is a full-service landscaping company serving Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. Today we want to talk about hardscaping. Most likely you’ve heard of landscaping, but it is possible that hardscape is a new term for you. Our landscaping and hardscaping professionals are here to explain it to you.

Importance Of A Retaining Wall

Are you thinking of installing a retaining wall for your home or business? Adding a retaining wall will not only add functionality, but beauty and property value. Retaining walls create a beautiful Omaha landscape!

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