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Above and Beyond: Omaha Landscaping for Your Business

Here at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, our Omaha landscapers know that having a fantastically manicured landscape for your business is just as important as the one for your yard at home. That’s why our Omaha landscaping professionals love coming up with landscaping and hardscaping designs for businesses, too!

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Here’s Why You Should Avoid DIY Landscaping

At Above and Beyond CGM, a landscaping company in Omaha, we know mistakes often happen when maintaining or trying a new project, especially landscaping and hardscaping. The easiest way to avoid these common blunders is by hiring a landscaping professional, like us, to help you out!

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Ways to Landscape Your Yard with Stone

Are you thinking about using stone in your yard landscape this spring? Our hardscaping design experts at Above and Beyond CGM in Omaha think that is a great idea and have a few suggestions for you. Stone is cheap and an easy go-to choice for your landscaping needs. However, choosing the right type of stone can be tricky. Stone can fit into just about any of your landscaping visions, all you have to do is decide what type and style of stone you want. Easier said than done though, right?

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Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Your Perfect Backyard

A dark yard can be a safety issue (not to mention a pain!); you won’t be able to see who or what might have made that noise, and you certainly won’t be able to see well enough to enjoy that new patio that Above and Beyond CGM just installed. This is especially true in the winter months when it’s dark before you even get home from work.

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Sprinkler System Winterization

Just before the first Nebraska freeze, it becomes necessary to winterize outdoor sprinkler systems. For those who live in colder climates, like Omaha, where the frost level penetrates to the depth of the irrigation system piping, winterization is very important. Any water left in the sprinkler system can freeze which can result in the excessive expansion and bursting of the polyethylene or PVC piping. Living in Omaha, Nebraska, we all know that weather can change drastically, which is why it’s important to drain the system prior to the first freeze.

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How to Choose a Landscape Construction Company

The time has come for you to choose a company to handle the landscape construction and maintenance of your home or commercial property. Although there are many options, a few key factors will quickly narrow the list. Every purchasing decision comes down to relationships. So, the first step is to find a company you can trust. Look for the experience and reputation of the business. Make sure your needs can be met and satisfied.

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The Process of Aeration

If you find that your lawn has lost it’s luster, it may be time to ask for help from an Omaha Landscaping Company. As part of your lawn care program, aerating brings back the vibrancy and health of your lawn.

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On Deciding if it’s Time to Hire a Lawn Care Company

Everyone wants the advantages of a beautiful lawn bordered with bright flowers. Floral beauty around your front porch or your back lawn can make your outdoor environment much more inviting. Perhaps you’d like flowers that attract hummingbirds or butterflies. Maybe you’re solely interested in the “curb appeal”, knowing that well done lawn care adds to the investment value of your home.

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Do You Have Proper Water Drainage?

As we come up on the spring months, rain is going to become more prevalent, and it can cause a lot of problems if you don’t have the proper water drainage system for excess precipitation. Excess water not only causes your plants and lawn to die, it can also cause flooding and structural damage to your home and foundation.

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