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Benefits of an underground sprinkler system

A lot of people think that the cost of an underground sprinkler system is not worth it. If you truly look at all the factors involved most people see that the initial expense is made up very quickly in several ways, not just monetary.

Save Time

At Above & Beyond, a professional Omaha irrigation company, the first thing we tell people when considering getting a sprinkler system is to track the amount of time they spend watering their lawn each week. Then put a dollar value on their time and track as an expense. Most are surprised at how much time they spend when they truly track it. omaha_sprinkler_company_repair_installation_Above_and_Beyond_CGM

Save Water

Second thing to figure is the water itself. Do you go out and move the sprinkler and the right intervals to adequately water all areas of the lawn or do you forget to move or shut it off all together and over water areas? If you do go move it watch to see how much water is going on the sidewalks and how much is going onto your neighbor’s lawn as most people just set the sprinkler in an area of the lawn and let it go. After assessing all this the next time, you water take the time to adjust the sprinkler to just stay on your grass areas and move and readjust at the proper intervals for even coverage of all grass areas and see how long that takes. You will save wasted water that way but you will spend most of the day adjusting and resetting the sprinkler. The best thing for you is to have a sprinkler system installed and maintained by a professional company, like Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance.

Save Money

The next thing about the cost and best use of the water is the time of day. If you work a full-time job you probably water at night or just on the weekends. And if only on the weekends it is probably during the middle of the day. The best time to water is early in the morning so that it is done just before the sun comes up. There are a few reasons for this. If you water in the middle of the day you lose a lot of that water to evaporation and in extreme heat the water acts like a magnifying glass and you can burn the blades of grass. Watering too late at night does not allow the sun to dry off the grass allowing mold and fungus to form.With a properly installed and working Omaha sprinkler system you can water all parts of your lawn at the proper times of the day, the proper number of days, and the proper intervals for each area of your lawn. Virtually eliminating the waste of water on driveways, sidewalks and your neighbor’s lawn. A professionally installed lawn sprinkler system will be designed to water areas of your lawn in zones with the proper type of heads to water each zone effectively. As far as your time is concerned take a few minutes to set the timer for the system and then relax and enjoy all the free time you have gained from not having to drag hoses and monitor and change areas to water your lawn.

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