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Above & Beyond CGM’s Front Yard Omaha Landscaping Tips

Omaha Landscaping_Above & Beyond CGMA lot of people spend most of their Omaha landscaping design time and budget on the backyard—this makes sense, considering people are more likely to spend their relaxation and entertaining time in the backyard, enjoying the view from a deck or resting in a hammock on a shady patio. It’s more private, and private is good for relaxing and entertaining. That being said, however, there are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your front yard when it comes time to design a landscape.

Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance will tell you why you should be paying attention to your front yard when it comes to Omaha landscaping and share a few useful ideas for how we can spruce up your home’s curb appeal!

Omaha Landscaping for Your Home’s Best Side

You may spend more of your time in the backyard because no one else can see it from the street, but that’s precisely why your front yard should look its best, too! Anyone and everyone who drives by your house will see your front yard, and that’s why you should want it to look its best (especially when it comes time to sell your house).

The front of your house is literally your home’s best side—it’s the grand entrance, and your first chance to make a great first impression for visitors or potential buyers. And if the thought you put into your front yard’s Omaha landscaping doesn’t match the backyard’s, it can lead to your whole house feeling out of whack.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, our Omaha landscapers at Above & Beyond CGM want to share some design tips with you that will make your front yard as attractive as the private oasis in back!

Tip #1: Establish a Focal Point for Omaha Landscaping

If you think of your front yard as a frame for your house, what feature is it framing more than any other? If you said the front door, you’re right! The front door is your home’s main entrance, and as such you want this focal point to make a statement. Painting the door a color that simultaneously contrasts and complements the main color of the house can make it pop and draw a visitor’s eye toward it.

This is where Above and Beyond CGM comes in. We can design an Omaha front yard landscape that naturally flows toward the front door, incorporating any number of different effects such as rocks, shrubs, flower beds, and even water features like ponds or waterfalls, which creates an aesthetically-pleasing and eye-drawing effect that you’ll love!

Tip #2: Building Island Gardens Gives Your Front Yard a Splash of Color

Your front yard needs its own points of interest, and while there are a number of ways to provide interest and color to your yard, one of the most popular options available is the flower bed. Our Omaha landscaping professionals can design flower beds that make the most of your space and act as tasteful accents to other features such as trees, shrubs, and decorative boulders. Give Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance a call today to learn more about these landscaping and yard maintenance services.

Tip #3: Outdoor Lighting Adds Drama to Your Omaha Landscaping

Outdoor lighting is often treated as an afterthought in landscape design, but our Omaha landscaping professionals know that exterior lighting is actually a vital component of a well-rounded design. When you think about it, without outdoor lighting your landscape can only be seen during half of every day! Obviously this shouldn’t be. Exterior lighting solves this problem by adding drama and interest to your front yard landscaping past the twilight hours.

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Your front yard landscaping is just as important as your backyard because, while you might spend all your relaxation and entertainment time in the privacy of your backyard, more people see your front yard every single day! Our Omaha landscapers at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance hope that this article has given you some good ideas of where to start in designing the perfect front yard that provides interest, drama, and structure for your visitors. Contact us at Above & Beyond CGM today at (402) 208-8961 to start designing your perfect front yard landscape!

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