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Above and Beyond: Omaha Landscaping for Your Business

Omaha Landscaping_Above and BeyondHere at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, our Omaha landscapers know that having a fantastically manicured landscape for your business is just as important as the one for your yard at home. That’s why our Omaha landscaping professionals love coming up with landscaping and hardscaping designs for businesses, too!

It’s springtime in Omaha, and now more than ever it’s important to keep the grounds around your business looking neat, green, and inviting for your customers—your company’s landscaping is the first thing a customer sees when they drive up to your store, and a tired or unkempt landscape doesn’t give a good first impression. Above and Beyond CGM will get your business looking spiffy again (and impressing customers, we might add) with new landscaping and hardscaping—the only limit is your vast imagination!

First, Consider Omaha Hardscaping

You’ve probably heard of landscaping, but most people aren’t familiar with the term “hardscaping,” so what is it? Simply put, hardscaping is the part of landscaping that doesn’t involve plants, flowers, trees, or other vegetation. Omaha hardscaping involves the creation of retaining walls, stone paths, decorative boulders, patios, backyard living and the list goes on. You name it, we do it! These features are especially good for businesses because they provide long-lasting and dependable aesthetic features that don’t require a lot of upkeep and make your business look great from any vantage point. With only a quick spray from the hose, you can keep these stone and decorative concrete features.

Next, On to Flowers, Shrubs and Trees

It’s been proven that a business which pays attention to its Omaha business landscaping can create a better first impression for customers than those who don’t, and this is for a number of reasons. A well-kept business exterior sends the message that your business pays close attention to details and won’t skimp when it comes to customers! Aside from this subtle message of quality, though, is the idea that customers will feel more at ease with a business that has beautiful landscaping. For that to be true, though, you have to think about what flowers, shrubs, and trees you’ll include in your business landscaping.

Flowers Can Pack a Punch All Year

Customers are more at ease in a business environment that accents natural elements. One thing to keep in mind with flowers is to use both perennial and annual varieties for the best effects year-round. This ensures that you’ll have the best combinations of color, style, and longevity in your flowerbeds (in other words, you’ll never look at your beds and see them dull and barren!). Our commercial landscaping designers know all the tricks and techniques that make the best-looking flower beds.

Look to Shrubs for a Natural Dimension

There’s nothing quite like a nicely-trimmed row of shrubs around your building to give it that natural dimension it needs. Just as potential customers seeing your building for the first time like these natural elements, you should be careful that they aren’t overgrown, either (sometimes things can get a little too natural and end up looking shabby). The good thing is, Above and Beyond CGM can also maintain the shrubs we put in for you, so you’ll never have to worry about that!

Trees Make a Great Accent

There are only a few things to keep in mind when placing trees in your landscape—first, trees are an accent feature. They’re best utilized when they stand out, so don’t put too many together (putting too many in one general area also leads to problems as the trees age and grow; a few saplings in one place may look fine, but that’s a different story once they get to be full-grown trees!).

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With Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, our name says it all—we provide valuable Omaha landscaping, hardscaping, and grounds maintenance to all kinds of commercial and residential properties. If you own a business, give our professional landscaping company in Omaha a call at (402) 208-8961 today to get your business looking its best this spring!

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