What Above & Beyond Does for Your Omaha Landscaping this Spring

Omaha Landscaping_Above and Beyond CGMWhile we all enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, sometimes the chore of mowing the lawn isn’t very appealing at the end of a long work day. This spring at Above & Beyond CGM, we can help get your yard in the best condition for the rest of the year, leaving you time to spend with your family or doing the hobbies you love.

Below, our Omaha landscaping professionals have created a list of our top landscaping, hardscaping, and yard maintenance services. We provide all of these services to residents in Omaha and surrounding areas, and we recommend you let us do the same for your home!

1. Removal of all leaves and debris.

During the winter months many homeowners lose motivation to keep their flower beds clear of debris and foliage. At Above & Beyond we strive to make your area as clean as possible by removing dead leaves and remnants from autumn that have become matted into your lawn throughout the several freezes. In some cases, this can be quite a chore that many never look forward to. We take care of that!

Once the area is clear, our professional Omaha landscapers spread a thin layer of compost over the lawn to give it a little boost. If you’re new to landscaping terminology– compost is a disease-fighting, nutrient-giving substance and is also a component in mulch (they aren’t the same thing). Mulch can accomplish a variety of things, such as maintaining soil moisture, as well as temperature, and discourages weed growth.

2. We reseed bare patches in your lawn.

If you’re like most Omaha home owners, your yard may suffer from bare patches this season. We could blame this on the winter coming too soon, the high and low temperatures, or it could be a result of how your yard was cut and maintained last season. In any case, taking care of these bare patches now is essential so your lawn will look fabulous next year. At Above & Beyond CGM, we’ll spread a mixture of compost, grass seed, and fertilizer over the spots to encourage growth over the remaining spring and summer months. However, if your grass still doesn’t grow, no worries, our professional Omaha landscapers will help you determine the best solution, such as grass plugs or sod.

3. We fertilize your lawn and plants.

Fertilizing is one of the lawn chores that is often forgotten during DIY projects. Our landscaping professionals realize how important fertilizing your lawn truly is– that’s why we offer this amazing service twice a year. When our landscaping team completes this process for you, we’ll avoid doing it when the sun is directly overhead as that’s when it’s the hottest and most disastrous to your lawn and plants. In addition, to keep your lawn in the best shape all year round, make sure to call us to fertilize in the fall as well, before the bitter cold winter sets in and tries to destroy your grass and plants.

4. We aerate the lawn.

At Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, we believe in aerating! Aeration is the process of circulating air throughout your lawn by puncturing the soil with spikes. We have the ability to perform small, medium, or large aeration projects as we realize that not every yard and aeration need is the same. Remember, aeration is crucial to bringing your lawn back to health when it’s on the brink of death.

5. We prune and weed.

Here at Above and Beyond CGM, our landscape experts will treat your lawn how we’d want ours to be treated. Weeding and pruning your old plants is the last step before the fun starts–planting new and pretty things! Our Omaha landscaping professionals will trim your shrubs and plants to look symmetrical and less unruly, and clear out all the weeds so they don’t overtake your other plants. This is an important final step, not to be overlooked or forgotten.

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We hope our blog helped you better understand our landscaping process and services. We’d love to help your yard be the best lawn in Omaha. Feel free to contact us today at (402) 934-8866 for your landscaping and hardscaping needs.

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