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Tired of looking at your neighbors? As larger homes occupy even smaller lots and the demand for outdoor living areas grows, privacy is more important than ever. It’s not just about prying eyes invading your space; you may want to shield your own view of your sunbathing neighbors. Stone walls, fences, hedges, and perimeter plantings are just a few ways to add privacy to your landscape. At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, we understand that privacy in Omaha is crucial!

Fences serve some rather important purposes, like keeping pets and children contained, keeping unwanted guests out of your yard, providing your family with privacy, and clearly showing where your property ends and your neighbors begins. Aside from their official functions as yard dividers and property definers, fences are also part of our overall Omaha landscape design and define the style of our yards.

An attractive fence can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your yard, while an unattractive one can be so distracting that it can seriously take away from even the most beautiful landscape design. After all, your fence is the backdrop for your Omaha landscaping, so it makes sense that your yard can only be as attractive as the fence surrounding it.

Wooden Fence:

Wood is great for privacy fences because slats can be placed tightly side by side. Wood fences come in various styles to complement the architecture of your home, and you can stain them to match the house. It also offers a beautiful and versatile look. All wood privacy fencing has long been the standard of the typical American home. At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, we like the look of a classic white picket fence.


Hedge fences are lines of shrubs or small trees that run along the border of a yard or garden, providing privacy, protection, and a decorative addition to an outdoor space. Many people choose to grow hedges instead of installing wooden or wire fences because the hedges blend into the landscape better. They can also reduce noise and dust pollution, filling your yard with cleaner, more breathable air.

Perimeter Plantings:

If you don’t want to put up a traditional fence but do want to deter short cutters or wandering wildlife, consider adding perimeter plants. They are more aesthetically pleasing and planting a variety of evergreen trees, shrubs, and perennials creates a more natural look.

Stone Walls:

You’ve looked at all the styles of privacy fences and there’s nothing that really catches your eye? Stone walls are available in a variety of patterns and colors to match most architectural styles and all can be custom-stained to match your home. Stone walls are extremely durable, graffiti resistant, and they can withstand the hot and cold weather extremes we experience in Omaha, Nebraska.

A good fence not only enhances the look of your yard, it can also increase the privacy of your outdoor entertaining spaces and hide a neighbor’s ugly or overgrown yard. Essentially, your fence is one of the most important components in your yard and can have a significant impact on just how much you can enjoy spending time there.

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Not sure what type of fencing works best for you? Contact Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance for help. We offer several privacy fence styles that can be custom built from a variety of materials to complement your home and landscaping. We professionally design and install all styles of fence to meet your requirements. Our fence styles can be constructed to comply with homeowner association rules when necessary.



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