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Above & Beyond’s Tips for Omaha Landscaping with Rocks

Omaha Landscaping_Above & BeyondIf you’re looking to beautify your yard this spring, you may think of putting in some shrubs, flower beds, or trees, but you may not immediately think of how rock landscaping can provide stunning focal points to your Omaha landscaping design. Our professional Omaha landscapers know the power of a well-placed boulder or other rock feature to make a statement! Since the idea of using rocks as decorative yard features may sound a little odd at first, Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance wants to give you some examples of how to incorporate rocks and boulders into a stunning yard display, just in time for your spring get-togethers and summer barbeques!

Stumped for Omaha Landscaping Ideas? Visit a Natural Setting

It’s said that the best ideas can come from being in nature, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to landscaping. Every great Omaha landscaping project starts with inspiration from nature, whether you’re looking at the way smooth river rocks line a stream, or the way an interesting boulder sits by itself to create a focal point.

You can also visit other professional landscapes, such as a park or botanical garden you like to visit, to get more ideas. You’ll often find a feature in these places that you’d like to replicate in your own Omaha landscaping project.

What Kinds of Omaha Landscaping Rocks Are Available?

Once you have an idea of what kind of land features you’d like to use rocks with in your landscaping, next it’s helpful to know what kinds of rocks and boulders are available. The short answer is that there is no short answer! There are a vast array of rocks and boulders of varying sizes and styles that we at Above and Beyond CGM can use to create your unique landscape.

If your imagination says limestone, boulders, or natural stone would be perfect, we can make that happen! We’ve also had customers achieve fantastic results with Omaha landscaping designs that incorporate beach pebble stones in their walkways and flower beds. Imagine walking down your new backyard pebble path to your stunning hardscaped patio, perfect for entertaining or just relaxing. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Give us a call at (402) 208-8961 to learn more!

Omaha Landscapers Say Designing with Rocks and Boulders is Fun!

At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, our Omaha landscapers know that expanding your design palette to include rocks and boulders can add a fun dimension to your Omaha landscaping project. Whether you’re creating an interesting focal point or lining a waterfall pond (which we can also help you design!), there’s no better way to create a backyard conversation starter than designing with rocks, stone, and boulders.

Contact Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance at (402) 208-8961

Our team of professional Omaha landscapers at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance hopes that this article gives you some good ideas on how rocks and boulders can give your yard the lift it needs to stand out in your neighborhood this spring! Contact us today at (402) 208-8961 for more rock landscaping ideas and to find out how we can make your Omaha landscaping dream a reality.

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