Color Your Lawn: Choosing Flowers for Your Yard

landscape_and_flowers_omaha_landscapingEveryone wants the advantages of a beautiful lawn bordered with bright flowers. Floral beauty around your front porch or your back lawn can make your outdoor environment much more inviting. Perhaps you’d like flowers that attract hummingbirds or butterflies. Maybe you’re solely interested in the “curb appeal”, knowing that well done lawn care adds to the investment value of your home. Whatever the interest may be, adding flowers and decorative plant life as part of your landscaping has many advantages. However, choosing the right flowers and plants for your yard can be a challenge. Letting an Omaha Landscaping Company help you decide makes life much easier.

Climate Affects Planting

The first thing to consider when choosing flowers is the climate. At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, we suggest starting with flowers native to Nebraska. The harsh winters and hot summers are not for the faint of flower. For example, a BlackEyed Susan is a bright yellow daisy like flower, native to the midwest.

Consider adding the vibrancy of the Nebraska state flower, the Goldenrod, to your yard.

In the Shade or In the Sun?

Be sure to consider how your house’s position affects the sunshine available to the planted areas because some flowers need lots of sun to thrive and others do not. For example, Bethlehem sage is a pretty flowering plant that does well in shady spots. Other plants that thrive in Nebraska shade are the Columbine and the Bleeding Heart. One flower that needs plenty of sunshine is the Iris; it gives a short bloom time in Nebraska, but is well worth it.

Picture Perfect Positioning

Another thing to consider when planting is the final size you expect the plants to grow to. Do you want to cover that window to allow more shade in your house or would you prefer short flowers in front of the window to allow the natural light inside while still adding color to the outside? If you’re planting circular flowers around a tree, choose taller plants for the inside of the circle and shorter flowers for the outside of the circle. Just like when planning a photograph, taller plants in the back and shorter plants in front make so that everybody can enjoy the picture perfect view.


Another thing to consider when choosing flowers is if you want to go with annuals or perennials. One advantage to choosing annuals is that you can try different types of flowers each year. Also annuals have a longer flowering season then perennials, annuals flowering season lasts from early summer all the way until frost. For Nebraska annuals you might check this page from The University of Nebraska Lincoln for a complete list of ideas.

However, perennials have the advantage because they do not need to be replanted every year. It’s a one time investment for you and your yard. Keep in mind that some plants are perennials in other parts of the world but are annuals in Nebraska because they just can’t take the harsh Nebraska winters. For example, lovely Snapdragons or Begonias are often actually annuals in the Midwest. Earlier this year, the Lincoln Journal Star shared some good ideas for Nebraska flowering perennials. By employing an Omaha Landscaping Company, you can benefit from their expansive knowledge of flowers.

Decisions, Decisions

At Above and Beyond we happily help you decide on the best landscaping for your yard. If you’re ready to add the colorful beauty of flowers to your lawn, we will provide expert advice. We offer lawn maintenance plans that include keeping your flowers blooming and healthy. Some people like to tend to their own flowers but need someone else to do more tedious duties like fertilizing and mowing.

Whatever option for lawn care is best for you, An Omaha Landscaping Company is ready to make sure that your landscaping is comfortable, welcoming, and lush. Contact us today!

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