Commercial + Residential Concrete

You may think you need to call a concrete contractor to bring quality Omaha commercial and residential concrete services to your next project, but the truth is, Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance has done hundreds of high-quality concrete projects for Omaha-area customers.

Concrete is actually one of the very common building components we use in the hardscapes we create for our residential and Omaha commercial customers, and we even have a dedicated concrete finishing specialist on our team with years of experience designing and working with this versatile building material.

our experienced concrete crews and supervisors are ready to help explore every possibility

Above & Beyond CGM uses concrete in everything from driveways and walkways to decorative patios and pool decks to custom designed hardscapes such as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. The uses for concrete are practically endless, and our experienced concrete crews and supervisors are ready to help explore every possibility for using this durable, affordable material for your next project.

Our concrete specialists can also advise and assist with gaining the necessary permits, meeting specific code requirements, and identifying the right type of concrete finishing services your project requires.

Regular Concrete

There are many applications for what is typically known as regular concrete. Think of driveways, sidewalks or even the poured foundations needed as footings for decks and other hardscape fixtures. Regular concrete is also useful for poured patios or to form the base for a man-made pond, waterfall or fountain in a designed outdoor space.

Stamped And Decorative Concrete

On the other side of the versatile concrete scale is the popular art of decorative concrete applications. Using precise stamping and finishing techniques, concrete can be made to look just like more expensive, higher-end building materials which allow our Omaha landscape designers to create attractive outdoor hardscapes at a fraction of the cost of using natural stone. To see some of the creative and unique stamped and decorative concrete solutions our teams have brought to our Omaha area customers, give us a call or visit our gallery!

Stamped And Decorative Concrete

When Above & Beyond does concrete work, we use the latest technology and mixture recommendations to ensure your concrete project looks great and is long-lasting. Using science and skill, we’ll carefully calculate factors such as load-bearing capacities, mixture ratios, and the need for protective sealants.

For existing pavements that need repair or replacement, Above & Beyond CGM will bring this same attention to both the art and science of concrete finishing and repair. Experienced masons, concrete finishers and industry professionals can often rehab or repair existing concrete spaces, saving you both time and money.

For all kinds of concrete services in Omaha residential, commercial or industrial settings, Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance has both the knowledge and experience to handle your project from start to finish. Give us a call today at (402) 934-8866.

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