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Nearly every homeowner wants to landscape for curb appeal. Maximizing your yards features and minimizing its problems to create a beautiful view doesn’t have to be difficult, daunting, or expensive. Make your yard the envy of your neighbors and passersby with these tips from Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance.

Well-designed walkways make your home feel warm and inviting. For a dramatic improvement to a straight concrete path, replace it with a contoured one made of stone or brick pavers. Walkways are the foundation when starting any Omaha landscaping project because the hardscaping will be the focal point of your entire landscape project. Brick pavers offer traditional, classic beauty to the landscape of any home.

Add contrast and color to your home exterior with a new flower or planting bed. Prime spots for curb appeal are at the front corners of the yard, along driveways or walkways, and immediately in front of the house. When creating a new bed, be sure to choose features that will frame your home rather than obscure it.  At Above and Beyond, our Omaha landscape designers can make any home pop!

Try giving your yard a little spunk and curb appeal by adding weather-resistant artwork. Choose pieces that complement your homes exterior elements. Birdbaths, small garden fountains, sculptures, and water feature urns are good choices for outdoor art. Water sculptures not only function as yard art, but the bubbling sounds soothe and make hot days feel cooler!

Get your garden beds into shape by pruning growth, pulling weeds, planting colorful flowers, and adding new mulch to restore color that was taken away by sunlight and harsh weather. If stone or brick borders your bed, consider cleaning and resetting any pieces that are soiled or dislodged. If your border is old or tired-looking, try upgrading to stone.

Landscape lighting makes a huge impact on your curb appeal while also providing safety and security. Fixtures can add accent lighting to trees or the house and can illuminate a walking path.

Replace old hardware. Mailboxes, light fixtures, and house numbers can add style and interest to your home’s exterior curb appeal. If they’re out of date or dingy, your home may not be conveying the aesthetic you think it is.

Our team of professional Omaha landscapers at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance hopes that this article gives you some good ideas on how curb appeal can give your yard the lift it needs to stand out in your neighborhood this spring! A good first impression makes a world of difference!  Whether you have a plan or not, we can transfer your thoughts to paper and make it a reality. Contact us through our website or at (402) 934-8866 to get started today.

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