In the Omaha area, there are many days of the year we can enjoy simply passing the time in the great outdoors. For many, a deck is an ideal place to lay back, relax, and watch the world go by.

A deck, usually, is primarily made of wood, a wood composite or vinyl. While both patios and decks can be attached or detached from the primary building’s structure, there are some unique differences. For one, patios are often designed and oriented with the existing landscape in mind. Decks are often built to take advantage of a unique view, may be elevated, or even a multi-level installations that are constructed to be natural extensions of the home.

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Above & Beyond CGM has an experienced Omaha deck design team ready

Building a deck is usually not a do-it-yourself effort since structural integrity, zoning laws, and safety must be a part of any deck build. Making sure the proper footings are in place, using high-quality materials and constructing this important addition to your outdoor space requires both extensive labor and know-how.

Above & Beyond CGM has an experienced Omaha deck design team ready to bring their creative solutions to your project. Simply knowing if a deck is a right option for your space (perhaps a landscaped patio would be better?) is not something that should be left to chance.

Keeping your budget, the existing landscape, and your vision in mind, Above & Beyond CGM’s deck design team can provide options, alternatives, recommendations, along with expert installation. Deciding whether to construct your deck from traditional wood, a wood composite, or low-maintenance vinyl will depend on your preferences and unique needs.

Expanded Deck Options To Add Function And Beauty

If you have something more elaborate in mind than just a simple deck build, Above & Beyond CGM can help explore other special features that can be incorporated within the custom design. Imagine a shade-providing arbor or pergola, an integrated grilling area or custom outdoor kitchen, water features, an integrated hot tub or deck extension to accommodate an outdoor swimming pool, custom-designed planters, integrated seating or tables for entertaining and food prep/service or mood-setting accent lighting to bring just the right vibe to your unique outdoor space. There are so many potential options to choose from the task can be overwhelming, but our team are ready to help. Have you thought about a custom sound system, heating or cooling options? From the practical to the luxurious, we’ve installed them all.

However your deck design and vision unfolds, you can count on Above & Beyond CGM to use only the highest quality materials and expert construction practices to make sure the investment you make is long-lasting and durable.

If you are ready to picture your Omaha outdoor space with a new custom deck, a phone call to our experienced team is the right first step. We’ll listen to your dreams and goals and work hard to bring your vision to life on the budget you can afford. Call us today at (402) 934-8866.

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