Firepits + Outdoor Fireplaces

There is just something about gathering with your family and friends around a warm fire. While people have been relying on fire to survive since the earliest days of civilization, it’s become something much more for today’s outdoor adventurers.

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance excels in the many ways fire can be harnessed and incorporated into Omaha outdoor spaces and landscapes. From a simple landscape rock pit or fire ring to the most elaborate, integrated and gas-fired installations, our team of outdoor fire pit and fireplace design pros can turn your outdoor space dreams into a reality.

Outdoor Fire Pits

We’ve helped many Omaha-area homeowners design and install outdoor fire pits, and the options and varieties are as numerous as they are customized. For some, a simple metal ring is all that is needed. Toss in a few logs, light a match and you’re ready to enjoy warmth and camaraderie around a centrally contained outdoor fire.

Even the simplest of fire pits can benefit from Omaha professional hardscaping design. Keeping safety in mind, our crews can talk through the options to make sure any outdoor fire pit meets all required safety regulations for the space. We’ll also talk through how continued use might cause nearby areas to undergo stress from foot traffic, which can be prevented with a little forethought and planning.

More elaborate outdoor fire pits involve integrated seating areas, professionally installed gas lines, ignitor switches and other built-in features designed for convenience and safe functionality.

Exploring the many options with Above & Beyond CGM can help you pinpoint which one is right for your entertainment space or Omaha hardscaped area.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Unlike an outdoor firepit, the outdoor fireplaces are often designed to integrate seamlessly and be visual accents to a designed outdoor space. They can be powered by everything from natural wood logs, electricity, propane, or natural gas. These elaborate fireplaces have built-in vents to manage the heat that is generated.

Some prefer an outdoor fireplace to the outdoor fire pits we described earlier because they are typically more “permanent” looking structures that integrate well with the existing design and hardscape.

Materials such as stone, stucco, brick, tile, or decorative concrete can be used to construct a one-of-a-kind outdoor fireplace. Another option is an outdoor oven, which has become increasingly popular for outdoor kitchens. Taking the gourmet cooking experience to the great outdoors can easily be accomplished through the design and build of a functional outdoor oven from Above & Beyond CGM.

If you are looking to add warmth to your Omaha outdoor space, an outdoor fire pit or fireplace is a great way to do just that. Call Above & Beyond at (402) 934-8866 to talk through the options for your outdoor area!

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