5 Steps to spring Omaha Lawn Care

Five Steps to Spring Lawn Care You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The work that needs to be done to create a beautiful lawn and landscape isn’t all that complicated, but there are a few things that, if ignored, can cause your Omaha lawn to struggle.

Above & Beyond CGM has found there are five basic things that must be done regularly to keep a lawn looking great;

Omaha lawns need water on a prescribed schedule

While many Omaha homes are fortunate enough to have sprinkler systems, Above & Beyond CGM often finds that most aren’t used efficiently or effectively. Each season it is important to inspect sprinkler heads and make sure they are not only working but properly positioned to cover the intended zone. Setting your system to run too frequently (or infrequently) can also cause your lawn to struggle.

If you aren’t certain how much water your grass needs at a given time of the year or if your lawn care system isn’t working correctly, contact Above & Beyond CGM for expert assistance.

Nutrients and fertilizers

Omaha lawns need regular nutrition and fertilizers to make sure they stay lush, dense and green. Failure to perform this important step leaves your lawn vulnerable to weeds and disease.

Above & Beyond CGM can formulate a custom plan for your lawn care, taking important factors such as soil pH, nitrogen levels, grass species and proper application timing to make sure your lawn’s appearance is maintained all season long.

Don’t Forget the Shrubs and Landscape

Another important step to spring lawn care has nothing to do with your lawn but can be the difference between a polished exterior or a shabby one. Broken branches need pruning, beds should be rid of decaying leaves and debris and mulch replaced where necessary to help maintain moisture in and around shrubs and bedding plants.

Most Omaha-area plants, trees, and shrubs can also benefit from slow-release fertilization products. Above & Beyond CGM can identify and apply exactly what your shrubs and bedding plants need to thrive this season.

To aerate or not to aerate?

Aerating your lawn in the spring just before applying nutrition or fertilizers can really give some lawns a boost. It loosens packed soil which allows water and nutrients to reach the roots better.

Depending on the type of grass, certain times of the year (generally spring or fall) are good times to aerate, and if your lawn gets a lot of traffic, you may need to take this step to alleviate soil compaction.

Above & Beyond CGM provides lawn care and aeration services in the Omaha area and will be able to tell you exactly when your lawn needs to be aerated.

Call the pros: Above & Beyond CGM

The steps to creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape aren’t difficult, but they do take time and regular attention to be successful. Above & Beyond CGM is a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative for Omaha homeowners who love having a lawn they can brag about but don’t have the time or energy it takes to make it a reality.

Ready to step up to a beautiful lawn and landscape this spring? Call Above & Beyond CGM at 402-934-8866.

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