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Lawn Care_Above and BeyondThat time of year has come already!! Fall is here in Omaha, Nebraska and so are the leaves. On top of pretty awesome weather, the scenery in the fall is great! The leaves changing colors on all of the trees is so cool to see. I do thoroughly enjoy the looks of Omaha in the fall.

Rather than waiting for all the leaves to fall for the season, Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance recommends getting the job done in pieces as autumn progresses. There will be fewer leaves and the ones on the ground won’t have as much of a chance to get wet and mat down. Dry leaves are much lighter than wet leaves and much easier to rake.One reason to rake your leaves is to keep your grass alive and healthy. Not raking the leaves smothers the grass. Lawns need to breathe in order to receive the proper amounts of oxygen and water for healthy roots. There are many lawn diseases such as snow mold and mildew that can develop over the winter if the leaves aren’t raked. Grass also needs sunlight. The grass uses the sunlight to develop a stronger root system that will be able to keep the grass alive through the long Nebraska winter. Let’s face it; nobody likes a dead lawn in the spring.

If you use a leaf blower, practice with it so the leaves move efficiently to where you want them rather than creating a great big cloud. These can be loud, so wear ear protection. Don’t use the blower for 5 minutes to accomplish something you could do with a rake in 1.

Don’t forget to wear gloves because blisters can happen in minutes. Leaves on the ground can also have insects crawling around them. Watch how you are holding the rake so you can minimize blisters. You also want to make sure you have a reliable rake that won’t make the process longer.

At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance we suggest using a sturdy rake with wide tines that will help you rake more leaves at a time, and you won’t have to stop to clean it out as frequently. Avoid back pain by moving around frequently and avoid twisting around to rake from different angles. Move your feet and when you pick up the leaves lift with your legs not your back. If you have back problems, it might be best to hire an Omaha lawn company, like Above and Beyond to help you. Raking is a vigorous activity that leaves people with a sore back because it requires the use of muscles you don’t typically use.

Leaf season lasts for several weeks in Omaha, Nebraska, so there’s no rush to finish the job, especially when there are still leaves on the trees that are yet to fall. Know your limitations and don’t overexert yourself. If you feel yourself wearing down, stop for the day. You have plenty of time to get the job done.

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