What’s a “hardscape?” We’re glad you asked! Hardscapes are an Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance specialty, and there is nothing we enjoy more than bringing our experience with modern Omaha landscape design to the many physical features required to “contain” the variety of other elements that make up these versatile and attractive outdoor spaces.

Hardscapes play a significant role, like a framework, for all the elements you’ll bring together to create the perfect outdoor environment for family gatherings, entertaining or simple enjoyment of the great outdoors. So what exactly is considered a “hardscape?” Read on.

Think of things like your driveway or the walkways that are needed throughout your outdoor space to funnel traffic and patterns of use. Hardscapes also include the natural paver or stone patio that leads to the perfectly-constructed outdoor kitchen. The brickwork used to create that functional outdoor oven. The retaining wall needed to reinforce the elevated pitch of your unique Omaha landscape. Concrete slabs that form the basis for a patio or elevated deck. Landscape brick designed flower beds or planters. Concrete foundations for ponds or waterfall installations. Outdoor firepits or fireplaces designed to bring warmth and ambiance to outside spaces used for gathering and relaxing.

In many ways, today’s potential buyers expect to see these kinds of custom-built outdoor spaces when they look to purchase a home. The popularity of outdoor spaces has driven demand for exquisite lawns and landscapes that actually become an extension of the home; thus, the added value that comes with a carefully designed Omaha hardscape.

Much like realtors will advise homeowners to upgrade an aging or dated kitchen or bathroom, today’s home selling pros know that the absence (or presence) of a well-designed landscape with integrated hardscape features can make or break a sale.

Even if your existing Omaha landscape has some hardscape features in place, Above & Beyond can assess ways to bring even more value and appeal to your outdoor spaces. The possibilities are nearly endless and can be designed to complement any taste or budget.

Bringing out the potential found in your very own backyard is as simple as calling Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance at (402) 934-8866. We have a knack for turning ordinary outdoor spaces into versatile, functional, property-enhancing landscapes through our creative approach to hardscape design. Let us show you how to find the hidden potential and value in your existing or planned landscape.

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