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Here’s Why You Should Avoid DIY Landscaping

DIY Landscape_Above and BeyondAt Above and Beyond CGM, a landscaping company in Omaha, we know mistakes often happen when maintaining or trying a new project, especially landscaping and hardscaping. The easiest way to avoid these common blunders is by hiring a landscaping professional, like us, to help you out! We understand the main reason to DIY is to save money, but if you’re unsure of the landscaping process, the time and money you’ll spend fixing errors may be well over what you would have spent using a professional landscaping company— plus you can avoid all the stress of muddling through the process by yourself.

Today, our landscaping experts at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance are going to go through a few common mistakes made by DIYers and give you some tips to avoid a headache and unexpected repair bill.

Don’t landscape without a plan

Having a plan when it comes to landscaping is the essence of the entire project. It’s your vision for your backyard. You picture the family gathering for a yearly BBQ with green, soft grass, and beautiful flowers lining your hardscape near the house, and as you breath in you think of old summertime memories. Having a plan will help this vision become a reality.

At Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, our landscape professionals believe starting a project without a plan is like going to the grocery store without a list. You’ll get everything you didn’t need and forget all the stuff you did. That is why it’s essential to sketch out your landscaping ideas first. Whether you’re looking to add a few flowers to your front yard, create a backyard living area equipped with a fireplace, or create a small pond– a plan will help you determine what can be done today based on your budget and what will truly make your Omaha landscaping project a success. Remember, having a plan doesn’t mean everything is set in stone, there will still be room for change. The ultimate goal with a plan overview is to help rein in all those thoughts bouncing around in your head.

Don’t underestimate the cost of landscaping

Did you know that Omaha landscaping costs 30% more than any other home project? That’s a big jump! Why is this? Well, you may decide on a whim to plant a few flowers. How expensive could that be, right? Then, you see a “simple” fountain in a magazine that you want too, so you buy it, and before you know it you have an outrageous bill. At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance in Omaha, we will map out your entire project and tell you the price before we even start.

Top lawn care myths of mowing

Our landscaping team in Omaha has over 15 years’ experience, we strive to make your lawn the best it can be– essentially making your neighbors jealous of how great your yard looks. We realize there are several Omaha home owners that prefer to mow their own grass and while we hope that one day we’ll earn your landscaping business we do want to make you aware of a few myths regarding your grass.

Cutting your grass short is great, not!

It’s a common myth that people believe if you cut your grass short you won’t have to mow as often. While this thought process might make sense, it’s incorrect. If you continually cut your grass too short, it can cause bare patches, leading to insects and disease. You don’t want this due to the visual aspects it’ll cause to your lawn, in addition to the extra expense of attempting to rid your yard of the insects or disease.

As Omaha landscaping professionals who do this every day, we believe the key is to cut your lawn different lengths based on seasons. In the summer your lawn requires more shade so let your grass grow a little taller than usual. This will ultimately help reduce the scorching sun from drying your lawn out too fast. During the fall months, cut your grass shorter (but not too short) so the sun can nourish the soil.

Top two mistakes in lawn fertilization

For those who have a naturally green thumb you probably have experienced at least once in your lawn care life, over- fertilization or under- fertilization. At Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, we offer fertilizations services twice a year– in the spring and fall for those ideal lawns. We believe it’s best to fertilize in the early morning or right before sundown and water the spot afterward. If you’re unsure of the best practices when it comes to fertilization, feel free to give us a call we’d be happy to offer you a free quote on our services.

Contact Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance at (402) 208-8961

As you can see, landscaping is a big job! It’s also an art. At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, we take away the stress a DIY job can cause, and save you money in the long run. Whether you have a plan or not, we can transfer your thoughts to paper and make it a reality. Contact us through our website or at (402) 208-8961 to get started today.

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