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Landscaping adds beauty and value to your home. Overgrown landscaping or a patchy, diseased lawn says a lot about you as a homeowner and not in a good way. When you begin planning your landscape think about the entire space and the overall goal you want to achieve. Don’t limit your ideas to trees, shrubs, and grass. Consider a patio, deck, outdoor lighting, a new walkway, water features, or a fire pit as possible landscape features.


One of the most important elements in landscaping is the walkway. Creating a beautiful walkway will invite visitors into your home and it also sets the tone for the rest of your Omaha landscaping. Most landscape edging materials and pavers are every cost-effective, allowing homeowners to make eye catching improvements without breaking the bank.

Flowers and Plant

Flowers along the sidewalk, in front of the house, inside flower boxes, hanging baskets, and garden beds give a giant boost to your curb appeal. Planting flowers is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to make a big impact. Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance can give you advice on what plants and flowers thrive in Omaha Nebraska. Sticking with perennials, such as, daylilies, black eyed susans, hostas, salvias, or seedums will eliminate the need to buy and plant new flowers every year.

Clean Up Existing Landscape

Clean up the existing elements of the landscape. Your landscaping will get dirty over time and can result in an unkempt exterior. Keep your landscaping features clean and shiny by hiring a professional Omaha landscaping company to pressure wash your sidewalk, driveway, and hardscape.

It doesn’t matter how attractive your home is if no one can see it. Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure your home’s features and make it seem dark and uninviting. Trim trees and bushes, keep the grass mowed, weed your flower beds, and seed bare spots in the lawn. Overgrown trees and messy bushes can block sunlight from your house, obscuring views, and it just looks like you don’t care about your home — inside or out. Consider hiring a good Omaha lawn service company, like Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, to get your lawn in good shape.

Outdoor Lighting

Add all of the great outdoor entertaining ideas you want, but without lighting, the fun ends when the sun goes down. Lighting up your landscape is a great way to add curb appeal even on the darkest of nights. Lights that lead to your entryway welcome guests after dark while also increasing safety. Exterior lighting makes your home appear more friendly and inviting. It can emphasize landscaping and any other features you want to stand out. The lights also improve security by reducing dark spots near your house and it gives it a homier feel. Lighting on a front stoop or around a porch feels warm and inviting.

Simple Accents

Don’t overlook the simple things that improve curb appeal, such as changing the outdated handle on your front door, replacing rusty light fixtures, and installing decorative house numbers. Hang a colorful seasonal wreath on the front door, display fresh potted plants, or install a water feature that will wow your visitors. These accents provide subtle enhancements that help to define the overall look of the landscape.

Whether it’s a paver patio or simply a couple of benches in a cozy garden nook, Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance can create a relaxing getaway in your Omaha landscaping. A nice landscape doesn’t just happen, someone has to make it happen!

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At Above and Beyond Complete Ground Maintenance, we love to make your yard look its best. We do everything from mowing lawns to building eye-catching structures for your yard. If you like the way a hardscape sounds for your yard or if you have any questions, contact us at (402) 934-8866.

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