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Do You Know What a Hardscape is?

Hardscape_Above and BeyondAbove and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance is a full-service landscaping company serving Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. Today we want to talk about hardscaping. Most likely you’ve heard of landscaping, but it is possible that hardscape is a new term for you. Our landscaping and hardscaping professionals are here to explain it to you. Read below to find out more!

Landscaping is a popular trade; who doesn’t love their yard to look beautiful and inviting? Well hardscaping is similar. It simply means building physical structures to add functionality and beauty of your outdoor living space. This includes pergolas, stone walkways, patios, brick driveways, and more!

Hardscapes Can Improve Water Drainage

Hardscapes are not just pretty to look at, they’re also functional. If a home does not have a proper drainage system, the simple act of adding a stone walkway or a patio with a built in drainage solution can greatly improve what was once a drainage problem and the yard will look great afterward! Call our landscaping team at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance for details and solutions for your needs.

The Architecture of Hardscapes

You may wonder why you would need a retaining wall hardscape. Well they can provide architectural support for flowers beds and patios. Hardscapes can also add a unique touch that is different from your neighbors’ yards. Take your time to get some different ideas of the styles you like or call us for ideas, we have lots! We will help you plan, design, and construct a hardscape that fits your style, needs, so you end up with a look that you absolutely love.

Hardscapes Can Add Beauty, Functionality, and Value

Our landscaping design team in Omaha says that by adding a hardscape, your yard becomes immensely more beautiful, which makes your yard and home more valuable. People will pay more for something beautiful because it just makes them feel good when they look at it. Also, you get to enjoy the process of deciding among colors, patterns, and styles. Not only that, but it adds all kinds of time saving aspects you may not have thought of. In addition to fixing water drainage problems, it can also save you time on lawn maintenance. Who doesn’t want that? More time to drink lemonade in the shade!

Call Above and Beyond Ground Maintenance Today at (402) 934-8866!

At Above and Beyond Ground Maintenance, we love to make yards look the best they can. We do everything from mowing lawns to building eye-catching structures for your yard. If you like the way a hardscape sounds for your yard or if you have any questions about what it involves or the amount of time it’ll take, contact us at (402) 934-8866. Let’s get started as soon as possible for the upcoming spring season!

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