Landscape Maintenance

Keeping landscapes healthy takes more than pulling a quick weed here or there. In fact, there’s a lot going on in the landscaped areas around your home or business and they are rarely “set it and forget it” areas. 

As the season changes, plants, foliage and landscaped areas also go through periods of growth and changed. The only way to be certain they remain looking well-tended and healthy is with regular, ongoing maintenance.

When you consider the investment made in landscape design, protecting that investment is highly important to the value and aesthetic of your home or business. Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance can help maintain the landscaped areas with regular and ongoing care so these areas continue to develop properly and look their best.

New Landscape Management

New landscapes require considerable attention, from making sure the appropriate amount of moisture and nutrients are in place to encourage healthy growth to providing continuous pruning and plant repositioning. While some of the newly placed plants may thrive, others may need a little more help getting a good start and can be easily overtaken by heartier, more aggressive varieties.

Above & Beyond CGM’s experience landscape technicians can give new plants the attention they need to thrive and multiply, saving the cost of replanting and starting over.

If your new landscape includes shrubs and bushes, it is also important to provide continually shaping and pruning to make sure they grow appropriately. Shaping bushes as they grow and controlling how specific plants proliferate in a new bed takes expertise, time and continual management to ensure a long-term, great looking landscape.

Existing Landscape Maintenance

More established landscapes also require regular maintenance. In addition to the seasonal cleanup that is important to the health and beauty of a landscape every spring and fall, required monthly maintenance is the best way to make sure the landscape around your home or business stays looking great.

Each month, Above & Beyond CGM’s crew will assess the condition of the landscape, removing debris, dead or struggling plants and foliage, trim back aggressive growth and shape bushes. With this kind of ongoing care and attention, you can be certain your landscape will always project the kind of well-kept image you’d like to portray in your neighborhood or corporate grounds.

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance can provide additional services to ensure your landscape remains in top-notch condition and looking attractive:

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance offers new and seasonal landscape maintenance for residential and commercial customers, as well as monthly maintenance and landscape rejuvenation services for those areas that have been neglected for too long.

Areas that may be eyesores today can bring both beauty and value to your home or business with the kind of attention provided by landscape maintenance from Above & Beyond. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate to keep your landscape healthy and looking great.

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