Side yard landscaping

Side yards are more than just a link from the front yard to the back. For a smaller lot, this narrow strip is important outdoor space that must be included in the overall design. Larger lot side yards are a great opportunity to add to the landscape. Side yards often present a landscaping challenge to Omaha homeowners. Are you struggling with this challenge? Do you need some landscaping ideas to tackle it? Customers often ask how they can improve this problem spot and make it more functional and low maintenance. At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance we are landscape design professionals that can transform any area big or small into the space of your dreams.


Flagstone has been used for many years as a walkway surface. With flagstone you have many color and texture options that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Whether it’s a simple step stone pattern or a more “tightly knit” pattern using more stone, either will give you a stunning walkway that can then be filled with mulch to create a low maintenance surface.

Paving Bricks:

For a product that comes in relatively standard sizes and colors, they offer an enormous amount of design options. This is because there are so many brick patterns to choose when laying them. You can build a walkway or patio that is either classic looking and formal, or one that is more laid-back and informal depending on the pattern you choose. Paving bricks have a timeless quality and can be used in almost any setting. They can withstand both Omaha hot and cold temperatures, snow, rain, and foot traffic.

Concrete Paver:

Concrete pavers are units made from molds. The molds allow for precision in shape and size. Because the molds that are used to form the units can be manipulated, manufacturers are able to produce them in a large variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. The most common shapes are squares and rectangles. Concrete pavers, when installed correctly, are nearly maintenance free. If a problem does arise, one or two units can easily be removed and replaced without disturbing the rest of the installation. This is not possible with all projects (poured concrete). At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance we’re certified concrete paver installers.

Planting in Your Side Yard:

Plants are the best elements to work with for creating transitions as they can be shaded down or up to meet the next area. If you have enough room in your side yard, you will most likely wish to install plants there, to spice up the space. The first thing to do is to determine whether the side yard is mainly sunny or mainly shady. Then, when you’re researching your possible plant choices, be careful to note whether they are sun-loving plants or shade-tolerant plants. The preferences of the plant, rather than your own preferences, must take precedence. If you’re planning on covering the ground with a weed fabric and mulch (as mentioned above), a low-maintenance planting option is to “pocket plant” with shrubs.  For each shrub, make an incision in the weed fabric just big enough to insert the root ball.

Features to consider:

Do you have a small side yard with limited design options? Consider a small fountain, water feature urn, or bubbler. Even though they aren’t big, elaborate water features, they still offer tranquility and a relaxed atmosphere at a reasonable price. The look and sound of water has a unique ability to enliven a space. A long, narrow side yard can have an oppressive feel to it. What can you do? Break it up with an object such as a garden arbor. An arbor can also be helpful in improving the design in a small side yard. Enhance the arbor’s beauty by using vines on it.

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Our team of professional Omaha landscapers at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance hopes that this article gives you some good ideas on how you can transform your side yard and give it the lift it needs to stand out in your neighborhood! Contact us today at (402) 208-8961 for more landscaping ideas and to find out how we can make your Omaha landscaping dream a reality.


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