Landscaping Secrets from the Professionals at Above and Beyond CGM

April 19, 2018

It’s really no secret that a beautifully manicured lawn and landscape is the result of careful planning. While it’s tempting to run to the garden store in the spring and grab one of everything that catches your eye, to do a landscape right, you’ll need to give it a little more thought.

Above & Beyond CGM provides lawn and landscape services in the Omaha area and has found that homeowners with “do-it-yourself” landscapes typically make some of the same mistakes again and again. Here are a few secrets we can share that can help you avoid the time, cost and aggravation of making these common landscaping mistakes.

More is not always better when planting landscapes

One common mistake that amateur landscapers make is planting too densely, forgetting that plantings will grow over time. What may seem like a bare spot in your bed today can quickly fill in and become crowded as the plants mature. You’ll want to think 2-3 years in the future when gauging the planting distance between new shrubs and plants. Above & Beyond CGM has experienced landscape professionals ready to assist you in determining how many and which types of plants would be best for a given area.

Right time, wrong place

Just because it’s spring and the time is right for planting doesn’t mean you should put a plant in any bare spot you find. There are some important considerations such sunlight requirements, growth patterns, size and spacing guidelines that make some plants ill-suited for certain locations in your landscape. That little tag on the side of the plant? Read it and plan accordingly! Or, call Above & Beyond CGM for expert planting advice and guidance.

Omaha landscapes require regular maintenance

No matter how strategically planned your landscape, there is no getting around that it will need ongoing maintenance for its life. Plants are living things and will eventually need to be replaced while others may become overgrown or no longer attractive in your landscape. Seasonal cleanup, periodic trimming, and appropriately-timed fertilization treatments are also necessary to keep landscapes and beds healthy and vibrant. The only way to make sure your landscape looks great year after year is to give it the regular attention it needs.

Let us help you create a beautiful lawn and landscape

It takes a lot of time, expertise and careful planning to manage the ever-changing landscape of your home. If you need a little (or a lot) of help, we’re here to help make sure your landscape grows with (not outgrows) your home. Call us today at (402) 934-8866.