Flagstone walkway with river rock

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Low maintenance landscaping takes careful though and planning. Many homeowners make the mistake of piecing their yard together here and there. This typically creates a landscape that requires more time and money to maintain than was anticipated. The best way to avoid this problem is to hire a professional Omaha landscape designer to plan your yard with less maintenance in mind. Whether starting from scratch or finding ways to improve an existing yard, Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on routine lawn maintenance.

Paver Patios

Outside living spaces are valuable additions to any Omaha landscape environment. Adding a patio or walkway to your home is a great way to personalize your landscape and extend your living space to the outdoors. Patios are a great investment in your home. They not only improve the visual appeal of your backyard, but they also make your property more functional and useable. A patio built with Omaha hardscaping pavers provides a low maintenance outdoor area. Laying pavers for a patio reduces lawn area and produces a long-lasting surface that needs only occasional sweeping.


An inviting paver walkway is the perfect way to welcome visitors to your yard or favorite flower garden. This type of path is a practical way to control traffic patterns and provides a beautiful and timeless, yet practical feature to your Omaha landscaping, while also increasing your property value!


Decks are a great low-maintenance choice for high traffic areas. Figuring out what you want your deck to do will also help determine its size and traffic flow. Is the deck just for you, or do you host a lot of parties? The last thing you want is a deck that’s too small or large for your needs. You will want to think about adding an arbor, pergola, or something else to create privacy.


Nothing spruces up a place like a new application of mulch. The landscape designers at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance say “the color enhances the contrast of the surrounding plants and makes everything pop!” A layer of mulch around plants will help to control weeds, conserve soil moisture, and add nutrients to the soil. Best of all, it comes in a variety of colors and textures to choose from.


Consider a rock garden. River rock and other small stones used in Omaha landscaping are attractive, help conserve water, and require little maintenance. They add variety, are in season all year long, and are gaining popularity. It adds a naturalistic feel and doesn’t wash out in the rain or decompose so it will last for years to come.AboveandBeyond_Omaha_Rock_Garden

If you follow these tips from our Omaha landscapers at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance, not only will you have less back breaking work to do, you will see a great improvement in the beauty, value, and functionality of your yard and home.

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If you liked our tips and need help putting them into action, then call Above and Beyond CGM. We want to help you make the most out of your yard, so that you can enjoy it all year around. If you have any questions about low maintenance landscaping, contact us at (402) 208-8961. Let’s get started today; summer is here!

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