Outdoor Lighting

What a difference a little light can make to improve the ambiance of your Omaha outdoor spaces. When exploring ways to improve your lawn or landscape, outdoor lighting is an excellent addition to consider.

Not only does light add to the visual ambiance of outdoor space, but it can also increase visibility and security in areas of your landscape that may become dark and inaccessible after the sun goes down. To extend the versatility of your Omaha landscape, lighting can add more hours of the day to increase the usefulness of those outdoor spaces that may otherwise be unusable after dark.

Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Path lighting serves an essential purpose, and it is primary to ensure the safety of areas such as walkways, paths, or even driveways that may not be well lit by existing installed home lighting fixtures. These can be strategically lit using those solar-powered lights we discussed earlier, or Above & Beyond can directly wire low-voltage accent lighting into your existing electrical system. Knowing which option is best for your situation is tricky, but the lighting professionals at Above & Beyond CGM are ready to help guide your decisions.

Spread Lighting

For those larger landscaped areas or features such as outdoor statuary, water features, fountains or pools, spread lighting can help draw attention and focus. If there are areas of your lawn you’d like to show off but are “in the dark” once the sun goes down, spread lighting is an excellent option.

Trees And Shrub Lighting

If you’ve invested in maintaining beautiful trees and shrubs on your property, showing them off with outdoor lighting is another way to enjoy the investment no matter the time of day. Tree and shrub lighting can also serve as a safety deterrent for those areas where shrubs grow near or against the exterior of the home near windows and other ports of entry.

Steps, Deck And Patio Lighting

If your outdoor functional areas include steps or if a deck/patio attached to your Omaha home is not adequately lit, installing additional lighting can help keep your family and guests safe when enjoying time outside after dark.

Are you ready to explore outdoor lighting options with Above & Beyond CGM? Give us a call at (402) 934-8866 and let us add both warmth and light to your Omaha landscape.

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