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Kick off the new year with the landscape of your dreams. Now is the time to make those dreams a reality with a new outdoor living space. To ensure your project is completed in time for spring, call an Omaha landscaping company to get started.

Design Basics

Bringing your outdoor design dreams to life begins with making a few easy decisions based on what kinds of activities take place in your outdoor living space. You’ll want to think about your own personal likes and preferences and how they will impact your design.

When you create an outdoor living space, there has to be a reason to use it; whether it’s functional (to swim, to cook, to relax) or visual (a sculpture, fountain, fireplace). Plan your yard with focal points in mind.

Adding Color

Let Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance fill your backyard with a variety of colorful plants, shrubs and landscaping materials. Don’t be afraid to spend more money for quality, comfortable patio furniture so you can enjoy your landscaping for a long time.

Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance suggests using a colorful and patterned outdoor rug to pull your patio furnishings together. The rug will liven up pavers and bricks and bring your color scheme down to the ground.

Provide sun protection with style. Upgrade your patio with an umbrella that sports a fun color or pattern. Look to the flowers and plants in your yard for color inspiration. Use the hues you find to accessorize your outdoor spaces.

Visual Appeal

Most outdoor spaces in Omaha Nebraska aren’t complete without a fire. By adding a fireplace or fire pit, you can extend the use of your outdoor space long into the cooler months. Not only can you roast marshmallows in the summer, you can huddle up around a cozy fire in the winter. Fire and water elements can even be combined; think of the beautiful reflection of flames on still water. If you are looking for an Omaha landscaping company to help, Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance installs fireplaces, fire pits, and water features.

No matter the size of your yard, your outdoor living space will work better if you establish traffic patterns. This can be done in a variety of ways, laying formal walkways, creating shifts in hardscape materials, or planting shrubs or trees to establish corners and borders.

At Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance we like to use paver paths because they are great for more than just finding your way. More affordable than stone, more colorful than brick, and more durable than asphalt, concrete pavers are a practical yet attractive option. Include a gentle curve in the design and a path is instantly transformed into a walkway that encourages discovery and exploration in the garden.

No matter how you decide to design your outdoor living area, an Omaha landscaping company like Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance is just a phone call away.

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