If you aren’t confident what a pergola is, or are wondering about the ways this type of structure (which is basically a covered porch) might add beauty and comfort to your outdoor Omaha space, Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance is ready to help you explore the options.

A pergola can add both visual appeal and add comfort and protection for your outdoor entertainment areas and depending on the way this structure is built, can lend shade, protection from rain and the elements or even keep pesky insects at bay.

Pergolas are also excellent structural platforms for vining plants that add both character and beauty to your outdoor space as they climb and spread vertically. These types of spaces create unique nooks where privacy and cool shade is available, even when the sun is at its highest, and the outdoor temperature continues to rise.

A professionally designed and installed pergola by Above & Beyond CGM can be built using a variety of materials, and the option most suited for your situation depends on many things. Our Omaha design professionals can assess your goals, calculate the number of hours particular areas of your landscape are in full sun, and facilitate your needs to match or augment an existing landscape design.

These covered porch installations can be built to any specification and in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including special added features such as zippered netting to ward off insects, custom lighting and other options.

Wood Pergolas

A pergola in the most authentic sense is made of wood. Using the highest quality lumber and building materials will help make this structure both elegant and long-lasting. 

A popular wood option for pergolas designed by Above & Beyond CGM is classic cedar; it is both attractive and durable and has a natural resistance to rot and damaging insects, making it an ideal choice for these types of outdoor structures in Omaha.

Metal, Vinyl Or PVC Pergolas

For some situations and budgets, non-organic materials such as metal, vinyl, or PVC can be the right option for a pergola or covered porch installation. Metal pergolas are most often made from aluminum, which is exceptionally lightweight and can be painted or powder-coated to add color and character.

Vinyl pergolas are usually white and provide a relatively inexpensive option for pergola construction. They often require some additional structural fortification to hold up to the harsh elements in our area however. PVC is a plastic material that can also be used in constructing a pergola. This is a fairly durable option and can even be painted or shaded to match your existing Omaha landscape.

If your outdoor space would benefit from added shade or if you would simply like to build areas of interest and privacy, pergolas can be a great option. Above & Beyond CGM would love to explore the possibilities a pergola could bring to your Omaha backyard. Give us a call at (402) 934-8866 to talk through the possibilities!

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