Preparing your Omaha yard -spring maintenance steps

Preparing Your Yard for a Season of Enjoyment: Early Spring Maintenance is the First Step

This time of the year in Omaha signals the time to handle spring cleanup tasks so your lawn, shrubs, and landscape can get the best possible start. While some homeowners relish the thought of “digging in the dirt,” for others, it can be a lot without the help of a professional service like Above & Beyond CGM.

No matter who completes these yard chores, there is a relatively standard list of places where you’ll want to focus attention in the coming days;

Readying your Omaha lawn for a season of growth

After the long Omaha winter, it’s time to take stock of any damage your lawn might have incurred. Damaged turf from piled snow, plows or salt should be promptly removed. You may want to get a soil pH test to see exactly what nutrients are needed to boost growth and greening. Determine the need to aerate, seed, apply fertilizers or crabgrass treatments. Be sure to get on Above & Beyond CGM’s regular calendar for weekly service.

Beds and borders

Next, take the time to rake out leaves or other dead foliage around your beds and borders so the fresh Omaha air and sun can get through and leave no room for a disease to grow. Assess the condition and placement of existing plants, the need to remove and replace mulch or clean up around borders that may have become overgrown with weeds or turf grasses. Spread appropriate fertilizer pellets for your emerging bulbs to give them a head start.

Trees and shrubs

It’s also the time to give some attention to those trees and shrubs before buds begin to swell and full-on growth hits the Omaha area. Prune away any damaged or dead branches and trim back overgrown bushes. In many cases, hand tools are all that is required here, but it can make a world of difference in the health and aesthetic of your yard’s trees and bushes.

Perennials and grasses

In Omaha, this is the time to divide and replant crowded or overgrown daylilies or hostas to areas where they are needed. Trim back ornamental grasses and flowering perennials so last year’s dead stalks or shoots are removed to make room for new growth.

Compost or bag? What to do with lawn debris?

All of this work, trimming and pruning is going to leave a lot of yard debris to either dispose of or compost. There are many benefits to composting, but it does require effort to shred leaves and chip branches to the right size to accelerate decomposition.

Let Above & Beyond CGM save you time

Above & Beyond CGM can accommodate your desire to assist in maintaining your yard or, like many homeowners, you may prefer we take care of everything for you. Contact us today at 402-934-8866.

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