Preventing winter lawn damage

You may have noticed your grass isn’t growing as fast as it was a few months ago. In Omaha and most parts of the country, grass goes dormant in the winter. It’s too cold for any grass to grow so we wait patiently for spring – sometimes under snow cover, sometimes not. The good news is that your grass is easier to maintain right now, as it does not need to be mowed weekly, and most of your leaves have already been mulched or removed. However, it is also not repairing itself as actively. Unfortunately Omaha lawn care doesn’t end in the fall. There are still some things to be aware of about how to protect your lawn so that it looks good in the spring.

Don’t leave items on the lawn

Make sure you bring your patio and lawn furniture in for storage over the winter. Be sure you don’t leave items such as picnic tables, toys, and grills on the lawn over the winter months. These things can smother the grass, create diseases, and invite insects, mice, and other damaging pests. Bringing in these unused items during the winter also keeps your Omaha landscaping looking neater.

Minimize foot traffic

Do not walk on your lawn when frost is present and minimize traffic until spring. Repetitive foot traffic can increase the compaction in your lawn, and increase the wear on your grass. Under snow cover, or exposed to the elements, dormant grass will tolerate a moderate amount of traffic, but a heavily worn path will be slower to green up in the spring and cause compaction. The last thing you want to deal with come springtime is lawn damage!

Keep salt off of your lawn

Use ice melt products containing calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) instead of salt. These products are much safer for your lawn and the environment. Road salt and ice melt can adjust the pH of your soil and result in damaged or dead turf. If you do use salt, thoroughly water the damaged areas two to three times in the spring to move the salt out of the soil.

Mark your driveway and sidewalks for plowing

Mark the boundaries of your sidewalk and driveway with stakes if they are going to be plowed. This will lessen the likelihood of accidentally plowing your lawn and landscaping. If you have sensitive plants near your driveway, you may want to place a barrier between them and the driveway to physically keep the salt from getting on the plants.

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