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Do You Have Proper Water Drainage?

Water Drainage_Above and BeyondAs we come up on the spring months, rain is going to become more prevalent, and it can cause a lot of problems if you don’t have the proper water drainage system for excess precipitation. Excess water not only causes your plants and lawn to die, it can also cause flooding and structural damage to your home and foundation.

Water drainage problems can prove to be very expensive if the problem is not taken care of as soon as possible. At Above and Beyond Complete Ground Maintenance in Omaha, our landscaping and hardscaping designers want to reiterate the importance of having proper drainage for your home and lawn. Read below to find out more information and reduce the risk of incurring unnecessary home care costs in the future!

Too Much Water Can Kill your Plants

Not getting enough water will definitely kill your plants and lawn, but did you know overwatering them can kill them, too? Rain and water is of course vital for plants to live, but too much water can cause them to become moldy and diseased, and then ultimately lead to their demise (hey, everything in moderation, right?). Once this happens, it will be difficult for your lawn to recover. Over-watering is also harmful, as it clogs the roots, neutralizes the balance of bacteria and pH in your soil, and eventually causes your plants and lawn to stop thriving. To prevent this from happening, don’t drown your lawn! Implement appropriate water drainage.

Drainage Systems

Our expert lawn care professionals at Above and Beyond Complete Ground Maintenance know the best way to ensure proper drainage is to divert water away from your home and lawn by means of an underground pipe system. These pipes will allow the water to be evenly dispersed instead of running every which way or making a puddle in one section of the yard.

And remember: too much water won’t just damage your yard; it could potentially damage your neighbor’s yard as well! No one is happy to receive that phone call. If you install proper water drainage and treat your plants and lawn accordingly, then they will live a longer and healthier life and your entire neighborhood will be more beautiful because of it.

Call Above and Beyond Ground Maintenance Today at (402) 208-8961!

Above and Beyond Ground Maintenance is a full-service landscaping company serving Omaha and surrounding areas. If you find your lawn or the structure of your home has already been damaged due to too much water accumulation, then contact us at Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance. Our number is (402) 208-8961. We can put in proper water drainage to ensure that your lawn is safe!

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