Retaining Walls

If you live in Omaha or the surrounding area and have a landscape that is flat, level, and uniformly shaped, you are in the minority. One of the best things about Eastern Nebraska is the variable gradation, which gives character to the spaces where we live.

Many home and Omaha business owners seek to take advantage of these natural landscapes through adding areas of visual interest designed to both enhance the look of these spaces and serve a dual purpose of preventing erosion or damaging runoff. This is where expertly designed and installed retaining walls by Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance come in.

We ensure that all structures are built to code

Spaces can be created in a yard that has changes in pitch and elevation using landscaping walls, or retaining wall blocks, providing a sturdy backdrop for things like softscape floral gardens, planted beds. In these situations, professional installation is criticaly important, as rain and seasonal weather can wreak havoc on a retaining wall that hasn’t been designed to withstand the water pressure or shifting soil.

Hiring Above & Beyond CGM for your retaining wall build can also ensure that all structures are built to code and have essential features such as steps and railings if necessary for added safety.

We mentioned landscaping blocks as a primary building material for retaining walls, but there are a few other options Above & Beyond CGM offers. Our qualified Omaha staff can help you determine which is most well suited for your particular situation.

Modular Block Retaining Walls

For most Omaha homes and commercial properties, modular block retaining walls are an excellent choice when the landscape contains some degree of grade or slope. To keep those elevated areas from eroding and shifting, a modular block retaining wall is often the perfect choice.

Available options for modular block retaining walls are long-lasting concrete masonry blocks, conventional blocks or precast blocks that are available in a variety of widths to support even the highest or multi-level installations. The beauty of a modular block retaining wall is evident both in appearance and in the fact that it requires virtualy little to no maintenance.

Natural Rock Retaining Walls

For the home or business owner that prefer a more natural, less “manufactured” look, there is always the option to use boulders or natural rock as the building material for a retaining wall. These variably-shaped stones do require some type of mortar or binding material to hold the rocks and stones together. And, if the slope and grade are very severe, additional reinforcement may be required to support a natural rock or stone retaining wall.

Wood Retaining Walls

In some circumstances, wood is still used for retaining wall installations. These walls are often built from railroad ties or other woods such as redwoods or pressure-treated varieties. While wood may be less expensive upfront than stone or natural rock, it really isn’t ideal and won’t serve as a durable, long-lasting retaining wall solution. Wood is basically an organic and porous material, which makes these retaining walls more susceptible to moisture and insects like termites and other pests.

A retaining wall isn’t a project most home, or business owners wish to undertake every five years or so and removing a deteriorating wood retaining wall can be costly and labor-intensive. That’s why Above & Beyond’s recommendation is always to choose block or stone for any new retaining wall installation. We would be happy to help you compare the long-term cost of using wood versus rock or stone for constructing a retaining wall. We think you’ll find the higher quality, longer-lasting solution is surprisingly affordable.

If your property is not flat and you would like to explore retaining wall options, Above & Beyond CGM can provide both design advice and expert installation. Call us today at (402) 934-8866 to talk about your unique Omaha property and ways a custom-built retaining wall might add value and beauty to your landscape.

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