Seasonal LAwnCare & Landscaping tips

Keeping your lawn and outdoor living area in tip top shape is achievable and such a wise plan when investing in our services.

Take a browse below for several tips we recommend for your home and business within the appropriate seasons.

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Raking Leaves


Winter is the season that is guaranteed to be the harshes on your lawn and outdoor living space. With that said, it’s ideal that ensure you have tackled all the fall seasonal tips in addition to the areas listed below;

  1. Remove all debris: This includes ensuring that all leaves have been picked up and removed from your lawn. It is not recommended to create a leaf pile and let it build up unless you have compost.
  2. Prep the trees and shrubs: Many forget to give TLC to the trees and shrubs, especially in the winter season. If you wish to take your care to a new level, apply mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs.
  3. Prune plants and outdoor shrubs: If any plants are outdoors, prune them and also give them some mulch. This will assist in them not losing water and assist in the reduction of erosion if or when snow arrives. If you have sensitive plants outdoors, it’s recommended to wrap them in a shielding material like Burlap to assist in the harsh temperatures and winds.
  4. Remove any broken limbs: Help your trees stay strong and healthy during the harsh season by removing trees branches that are broken or damaged. If the branches are within reaching distance, and there’s snow on them, give the branches a gentle shake.
  5. Add protective layering to trees: Those young trees need as much assistance as possible in the harsh months. Place some mesh wire at the base of the trunk. This will keep the wildlife from biting or consuming the tree roots.
  6. Apply any salt removal with care: Often, homeowners will sling salt removal products all over without realizing the damage the chemicals can do to plant life and trees. Ensure that no salt or the snow plowed or shoveled goes anywhere near the roots or your trees or plants. Keep in mind that trees roots are quite expansive. If there is exposure flush out the soil carefully (weather and temperatures permitting).

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Spring is the season where everything starts to wake up and is eager to grow. If you’ve taken care of your summer, fall, and winter seasonal tips, this season will be quite a breeze with little to no troubleshooting and mending.

It’s critical to ensure that during this season, you determine what lawncare and landscaping tasks you can tackle consistently.

See below for some simple spring tips to get your yard in tip-top shape;

  1. Walk your property and perform an inspection: Scoping out the area will assist you in determining where your efforts need to be applied first. If you have any damage or broken branches, it’s recommended to remove them immediately. Prune back any areas that did not make it through the season as well as ensure that there’s enough space within the landscape for things to expand without being squished.
  2. Fertilize your soil: Before going straight to this task, it’s crucial for you to test the soil to determine the overall health. If you’re not sure the correct mix of nutrients or what pH balance is ideal for your outdoor living space, contact our lawncare and landscaping experts at (402) 934-8866. We can perform the test for you and even remove the stress of the fertilization process.
  3. Review plants and shrubs with a close eye: Prune and trim all necessary areas within your front and back yard. Use an experts eye to determine the next best action if winter damage is present. If a plant or shrubs lifespan has come to an end, it might be best to clear out its section entirely to plant something new.
  4. Create a strategy for weeds: Many wait until the thick of the summer to address weeds; however, if you scout out your yard and start to see things growing with the warmer weather approaching, take time to determine ways to get rid of the weeds.
  5. Refresh all areas for plants and shrubs: The spring season brings a new breath of fresh air. Take some time and clear the areas of plants and shrubs and comb the dirt around. Remove all dirt debris or old leaves. Create clean and neat sections and add some fresh mulch to the areas to assist the plantlife in growing and relearning how to control the intake of moisture and water.
  6. Get your sprinklers system up and running: When a system has been winterized, by you or a professional, you need to know that it also needs to be spring-activated. For this task, we highly recommend giving us a call at (402) 934-8866. We can determine if you wish to tackle this task on your own or relax and enjoy your day while our team does it quickly with little to no effort.

With the busy lives these days many home owners (and business owners) have good intentions of keeping their lawn and outdoor space top-notch, but find they are limited on time. If this happens for you, our expert crews are just one phone call away (402) 934-8866.


The Nebraska summer season brings about several outdoor activities such as barbeques and swimming parties, to name a couple. With friends and family visiting your home you’ll want to ensure your outdoor living space is in tip-top shape. Take a look at our seasonal tips below to keep your yard healthy and eye appealing for entertaining others.

Watering not too little and not too much, but just right!
Watering is one of those tasks that can get pretty squirrely quickly. Watering too much will lead to the plants overconsuming, leading to the shortening of their lifespan. If you overwater for too long, their roots will deteriorate and die. Not watering enough will lead to plants wilting and becoming an eyesore.

The plants are not the only concern when watering; grass is a crucial thing to master for the summer. Based on the weather patterns and busy lives, having a professional sprinkler system can take much of the guess out of watering the grass.

Here’s a recap of our best watering tips:

  1. Reduce the watering of your plants if you’re doing it daily. Instead, ensure you are getting the deep roots.
  2. Avoid the sun heat by watering in the dusk evening hours when the sun is starting to go down or in the early morning before the heat arrives.
  3. For grass, it’s ideal for your lawn to receive one inch of water, ideally once per week. Have the professionals check the health of your grass before, mid, and after the season, if you’re concerned with watering.
  4. Achieve your healthiest grass by letting lawn care experts aerated your lawn as it enhances the pH balance and flow of oxygen.
  5. It’s recommended to fertilize your front and back lawn, so your grass received proper nutrients to finish the season and return strong next season.
  6. Eliminate those weeds at first appearance. When removing attempt to get the entire root of the weed out of the ground if you opt to hand pluck the weeds.
  7. Mow on a consistent schedule and ensure that you are mowing within the ideal standards for your grass. Avoid mowing too short and letting your grass grow too long. If you need help, contact our lawncare crew for a consultation.
  8. If you have a green thumb and have added potted flowers to your outdoor living space, ensure you water them regularly. It’s recommended to add a handful of mulch to a plants environment to assist in retaining the moisture.

If you have any questions regarding the seasonal tips above, contact our professional lawncare and landscaping team at (402) 934-8866. We’re happy to assist where we can and, of course, handle all your needs with our one stop shop services.

When it comes to the fall season, lawn care and landscaping are often out of sight out of mind. Of course, home and business owner will do the typical leaf removal, maybe! However, the rest of the items get forgotten. The great news is that our team is just one phone call away, (402) 934-8866.

If you opt to tackle those fall season yard tasks, here’s a handful of recommendations;

  1. Address the weeds for the health of your lawn: Weeds are one of those things that creep and crawl into the next season if they are not addressed. Remove them by getting to the root of the growth. If you are limited on time, we have a service to help!
  2. Rake the leaves, but do it gently: Whether you live in Omaha or any of the surrounding cities, we’re confident this is a task that is not liked for long. When raking, avoid damaging your grass. It’s critical to pay attention to the pressure so you do not create grass scars that can appear the next season. If you’d like help tackling those leaves, call our team at (402) 934-8866. Leaving leaves on the ground throughout the winter will lead to damaging your grass as the leaves will freeze and eliminate the sun from reaching the grass for growth next season.
  3. Give your lawn some TLC with seeding and fertilizing: The summer sun is often harsh on lawns, especially if your front or backyard does not have trees for shade. We recommend fertilizing in the fall season. With mother nature often doing her own thing, it’s important to fertilize a bit earlier if you’ve experienced a warm season. You’ll want to tackle the dead or thinning spots in your yard first. If you are unsure what to use or how much, hire our team of lawncare and landscape pros.
  4. Continue mowing throughout the fall: We always recommend not cutting your grass too short or keeping it too long. We also suggest continuing mowing as long as the grass is green and full of life. Often homeowners will decide to stop mowing even if the grass is green; this leads to the lifespan of your lawn being shortened.
  5. Give your trees and shrubs a big gulp of water before the season ends: This will help sustain the growth, and the areas will take the water that is needed deep within its roots to sustain for the winter.
  6. Ensure you cut back and prune all plants: This technique will assist them in growing healthy next season as well as preserve the seasonal change as easiest as possible.
  7. Winterize all sprinkler systems in the fall months: By clearing water and storing the hose and disconnecting or shutting off external water lines, you are protecting your home. If you have a professional system, contact our team at (402) 934-8866 to assist with this procedure to ensure the correct steps are taken to protect your investment.

Following these fall tips will assist your outdoor living space in having an excellent spring season. If you have any question or would like to discuss our one stop shop lawn care and landscaping services, contact us at (402) 934-8866.

If you have any questions regarding the information we’ve provided above, please call our one stop shop lawncare and landscaping team at (402) 934-8866.

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