If you’ve never heard the term “softscapes,” you haven’t spent enough time with the crew from Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance.

These colorful and vibrant areas are found at the heart of every well-designed Omaha landscape and include plants, trees, shrubs, flower gardens and other colorful, growing elements that bring true character to your home’s or business’ exterior spaces. Softscapes are an Above & Beyond CGM specialty, and we’d love to bring a little more color into your landscape with our creative and hearty softscape design options.

When Above & Beyond creates softscapes for our landscape design customers, we take several things into account including expected growth patterns, the natural lay of the land, sun and shade patterns and existing hardscape and landscape elements. The goal is to create the kind of spaces that bring “soft” ever-changing visual appeal that can only come from these growing and flowering softscapes.

Designing And Planting A New Softscape

For newly constructed homes or businesses or those ready to “start from scratch” in designing a new softscape, Above & Beyond has trained Omaha designers with an eye for detail ready to help map an exciting new softscape. Features such as flowerbeds, raised beds, or even vegetable gardens can provide variability and beauty to any landscape, but knowing the right way to establish these areas requires skill and experience. There are many considerations that must be taken into account, from soil conditions and sunlight/shade patterns to knowing how many and what types of plants are needed to fill a space ideally. Bringing the experienced team from Above & Beyond to your softscape design and installation can ensure that your Omaha outdoor areas pop with color all season long. While some flowers peak early in the season, others take a little more time to burst in full beauty. We’ll recommend the types of plants that will mature at just the right time so you’ll always have a colorful, vibrant exterior softscape to enjoy.

Since softscapes are always growing and changing, they also benefit from recurring maintenance and care. Our Omaha landscape maintenance professionals complete essential duties such as mulching, pruning and trimming trees or shrubs, “deadheading” flowers to encourage continued growth, weeding, thinning or repositioning of plants and continually monitoring for signs of disease or pest infestation.

Regular care and maintenance of already-planted or established softscapes can ensure the investment made in these important outdoor areas are protected, plants and flowering trees or bushes remain healthy and vibrant, so you can enjoy these attractive exterior spaces all season long.

Contact Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance at (402) 934-8866 to plan a new softscape feature to enhance your new or developing Omaha landscape. Or, if you just need a watchful eye and hand keeping your existing softscape in pristine condition, Above & Beyond CGM is the one to call.

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