Spring Activation + Winterization

If you have a lawn irrigation system to water your Omaha-area lawn, turf or grounds, you are familiar with the twice a year ritual that includes turning on the system in the spring and shutting it down in the fall.

Because of the seasons we experience here, it isn’t recommended to let your system remain activated year-round, and those who learned this the hard way understand the importance of completing this twice a year service.

Sprinkler System Activation

Every spring, your sprinkler system will need to be turned back on, so it is ready to do the hard work of keeping your turf and Omaha landscape watered. But, not so fast. It involves a lot more than just turning on the water valve and setting the timer. For your system to do its best work, a thorough process of activating and testing your irrigation system is required, and taking the time to do so will pay dividends all summer long.

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance provides spring activation services to help make sure all irrigation valves and fixtures are in proper working order and completes an end-to-end inspection to identify potential problems such as clogged sprinkler heads or hidden, underground leaks that can cause a lot of damage left undetected.

Aside from making sure the system’s fixtures are in top working condition, we’ll also examine the spray patterns, check for adequate coverages within various sprinkler zones and check the main system controls to make sure they are programmed and working as expected. If you aren’t certain how much water to schedule, or the best times to set your irrigation system controls, our experienced technicians can also provide custom recommendations that take into account your unique property, the soil conditions and other factors that can determine an ideal water schedule for your Omaha lawn and landscape.

Irrigation System Winterization

Before the first freeze, you’ll want to call Above & Beyond CGM to perform the process required to shut down your irrigation system for the season. Failure to properly winterize the lines and sprinkler system components can cause costly damage that may not even be apparent until you try to turn things back on in the spring.

It is vital that any excess water trapped inside the lines of your irrigation system be flushed entirely so that it won’t have the chance to freeze, expand, and burst those intricate underground lines. 

Our experienced crews have the proper equipment and know-how to make sure the main drain valve is emptied, and all water lines cleared effectively, so your Omaha system is ready to take a well-deserved rest.

Above & Beyond CGM provides winterization services so you can be certain this important process is done right. While we’re there, we will also provide attention to your backflow devices, winterizing them appropriately so you’ll have no irrigation surprises when you activate the system when the weather warms.

When it comes to do-it-yourself projects, your Omaha home or business sprinkler system isn’t a place to cut corners. Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance can provide semi-annual activation and winterization, as well as on-demand irrigation repair and services, so you never have to worry if your system is working optimally and protected from the damage cold weather can cause. Call us today at (402) 934-8866 to provide expert and affordable seasonal irrigation service.

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