Spring/Fall Cleanup

Cleaning up your property in the spring and fall is a big job that comes around year after year. Things like clearing away leaves, branches and clutter, hauling away or composting debris, edging and cleaning up of garden or flower beds or reclaiming lawn overtaken by weather or time are time-consuming and demanding chores that some folks enjoy but many others dread.

If you’ve grown tired of the continual upkeep or are unable to complete the chores that come along with seasonal yard cleanup, Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance is the answer. 

Our crews can take the stress and hard work out of keeping your lawn and landscape looking great any time of the year. 

Spring Cleanup

Doing a yard and landscape spring clean up well takes a lot of time and energy. Over the long winter, window wells have likely filled with leaves and debris, the lawn has suffered some degree of damage from the harsh weather and trees/shrubs may need shaped and trimmed to be in top shape for the warmer days ahead.

Spring Raking and Overseeding

Even though you may have cleaned up leaves in the fall, spring is another time when this chore is especially important. Removing thatch – or built up dead grass and clumped roots that were left over from the fall cleanup – helps give the emerging, tender shoots of grass the room they need to grow.

If, in the process of spring raking, you notice bare or thin spots in your lawn, Above & Beyond recommends overseeding where needed, along with a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to help accelerate growth.

Spring Weed Control

Speaking of weeds, spring is the right time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide, although this must not take place sooner than five weeks after any overseeding has been done. Above & Beyond CGM can identify the proper time and the right kind of herbicide to use for your particular spring lawn situation.

Fall Cleanup

Fall is a lovely time of year in our area, but it can mean a lot of leaves to be raked and packaged, yard waste to be arranged for pickup and the need to apply end of season fertilization to make sure your lawn is ready to withstand the colder winter months ahead.

Aside from the work that comes from just cleaning up yard and lawn debris, fall is the perfect time to set your lawn and landscape up for long-term success. Fall lawn care needs vary based on the kind of grass is predominant in your lawn. Taking care of your lawn the right way in early fall gives it a much better chance of being healthy and vibrant the following spring.

Leaf Removal

Above & Beyond CGM recommends clearing falling leaves as soon and as often as possible to prevent piles of dead leaves that keep the sun from reaching the grass underneath. Moist, dead leaves also harbor molds and diseases that can be very harmful to your lawn.

Our crews can remove falling leaves on a weekly basis to prevent the fall buildup. While some of our customers prefer we haul them away, others wish to compost them for use as organic fertilizer once they have decomposed properly.

Fall Weed Prevention and Fertilization

Before the lawn goes dormant, providing nutrients through fertilization to keep the root systems stimulated and ready to grow is recommended. Above & Beyond CGM can determine just the right fertilizers and broadleaf weed control formulas to use on the type of grass at your residence or business. We’ll recommend the exact right herbicide applications to prevent weed problems once the weather turns warm again.

Fall Aeration, Seeding and Sodding

Fall is also the right time to consider aeration services for your lawn. Thatch – which is actually dead grass clippings, clumped root systems and other packed organic material – can prevent your lawn from growing naturally and thriving. If there is more than an inch of thatch buildup, your lawn needs to be aerated, so the grass has the room it needs to grow.

Above & Beyond CGM also recommends seeding or sodding in the fall, especially if your lawn has thinned or shows evidence of summer stress.

Other typical fall chores provided by Above & Beyond CGM:

Leave the Clean up to Above and Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance

Our crews are ready to bring our professional and efficient teams to your spring and fall cleanup projects so you can spend time doing what you enjoy. When Above & Beyond comes for spring cleanup, it’s a great time to schedule recurring service to keep your lawn and landscape looking pristine all year long. Call us today to get on our calendar!

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