Shrub Care

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance provides expert care for your shrubs no matter the season. 

With our experienced team of Omaha landscapers, we’ll provide the proper maintenance, care, and attention required to ensure beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs all year long. From planting and pruning to precise fertilization, Above & Beyond CGM is the one to call.

Shrub Pruning

For the long-term health and beauty of your trees and shrubs, periodic pruning is necessary to keep them from growing haphazardly or succumbing to disease. Knowing the exact time and technique is Above & Beyond’s expertise.
As living things, trees and shrubs will lean toward a prominent light or water source and over time can really get out of control. Overgrowth can also encourage disease, killing off the less hearty branches and potentially causing the bush or tree to die altogether. For your Omaha bushes to remain productive and healthy, taking the time to shape and prune them is essential. Trimming them to a proper shape not only makes them look tidier, it also prevents issues like fungal growth and rot, which will eventually take their toll.

Shrub Fertilization

Most shrubs can benefit significantly from annual or seasonal fertilization. Knowing the right types of nutrients to apply during different growth cycles is something Above & Beyond CGM does very well. Whether you need to give your flowering and decorative trees a boost to ensure health and colorful blossoms, or more targeted applications to help make your trees and scrubs pest and disease resistant, our experienced technicians can provide just the right solutions to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and flourishing.

Disease And Pest Control

Trees and shrubs can also be susceptible to pests, which can wreak havoc on their overall health and heartiness. Above & Beyond’s certified Omaha technicians can identify and offer preventive and recovery options for the many diseases and pests that affect the trees and shrubs in our area.

Bag Worm Damage And Control

Above & Beyond has seen a significant rise in the number of Omaha-area trees affected by a pesky invader known as the bag worm. Bag worms will attack more than 120 different species of trees, but they prefer evergreens like arborvitae, juniper, spruce and cedar. You may not actually notice the tiny black larvae that emerge from their bag-like homes, which are about 2” in length and can be seen hanging from the branches. Their egg sacs are very well camouflaged both by the shape and color of their cocoon-like bag.

In the spring when as many as 1,000 eggs hatch from each bag in the form of a caterpillar and later mature into a black-colored moth with transparent wings, these difficult pests can already have caused a world of damage to your trees. On evergreens, they will eat the buds and foliage, causing the branches to turn brown and die. On other trees, bag worms chew small holes in the leaves which can result in defoliation.

Japanese Beetle Infestation And Protection

This invasive species has become a real problem in our area ever since it was accidentally introduced in New Jersey. These metallic green and copper-winged pests have been eating their way westward and feast on more than 300 plant species including fruit and flowering trees. These beetles reproduce rapidly and can literally decimate plants and trees, leaving little more than a lacy skeleton of leaves behind as they feed on the tissue between the major veins of the leaf. Damaged leaves will turn brown and fall to the ground.

Their larvae, or grubs, can also cause a great deal of damage to your shrubs and lawn by chewing on roots to gain water and nutrients. Grubs in your landscaped areas and shrubs can also attract insect-feeding animals such as moles, skunks or crows, which can further damage your trees and landscape in short order.

Above & Beyond CGM brings complete and effective tree and shrub care to the Omaha area. Call us at (402) 934-8866 and let us take care of the details and clean up when we leave.

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