Walkways + Driveways

Among the hardest working areas of any commercial or Omaha residential hardscape are the walkways and driveways that provide both access and convenience to those who live or visit there. 

A poorly maintained or damaged sidewalk can be both an eyesore and a liability to a home or business. Similarly, driveways can provide a functional purpose, but with a little creativity and imagination, can actually become a unique and attractive feature of any property or landscape.

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance sees the possibilities that every walkway or driveway can bring to the overall aesthetic and function for your home or Omaha business. 

We can talk through every step of designing and constructing a new walkway or driveway or can discuss ways to improve existing surfaces to bring both function, safety, and appeal to your property.

Options Designed For Every Need

Years ago, a sidewalk or driveway was a functional surface and nothing more. It’s where people walked, and cars were parked. Today, walkways and driveways are designed to complement existing Omaha landscapes and can even be a focal point of the property. The options available to home and business owners are extensive, and our experienced design teams at Above & Beyond CGM are ready to discuss the possibilities with you.

Concrete Walkways, Pathways, And Driveways

While regular concrete is still a popular option for constructing walkways, pathways, and driveways, that doesn’t mean it has to look like the concrete of yesterday. Today’s concrete is still functional and durable but can be designed to look like other, more costly building materials at a fraction of the cost. Stamped concrete, decorative options including a variety of colors and finishes can be applied during the mixture and finishing process, bringing a new and exciting dimension to what would otherwise be a simple walkway or driveway.

Other popular requests from Above & Beyond CGM’s customers is to use concrete to pour a garage floor, the foundation or flooring for a backyard garden shed or other exterior structures. We’re ready to explore your next project with our many quality concrete options.

Paver-Designed Walkways And Driveways

Other options for driveways and walkways are the popular interlocking paving stones that are both durable and really attractive. These pavers are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and materials which opens the many possibilities they afford to exterior hardscapes and design. These pavers can include additional features, like non-skid coatings, which are ideal for pool decks or around water features. Pavers are also easily replaced should one become damaged by weather or other stressors, making them ideal for just about every functional hardscape space for your Omaha home or business.

Looking for affordable, durable, and attractive options for driveways, walkways or pathways at your Omaha home or business? Call Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance at (402) 934-8866.

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