Waterfalls + Ponds

Outdoor landscaping is pretty much an “anything goes” proposition and while softscapes including trees, bushes, and planted areas are great – and hardscapes like patios, walkways and retaining walls bring added personality and functionality to your Omaha outdoor spaces – there is often a little something missing. That’s where water features come in.

Above & Beyond Complete Grounds Maintenance loves to bring our creative design teams to customers looking to enhance their landscape with water features. Waterfalls, fountains, and even ponds bring added ambiance and excitement that only water can offer. Our years of experience and creativity are unmatched when it comes to creating water features for our Omaha-area customers.

Waterfalls + Fountains

Most of us would have to travel far to enjoy the peace and beauty of a natural waterfall. Today’s design techniques and materials make it possible to bring this wonder of nature right to your own Omaha backyard lawn or landscape. Above & Beyond customers are often surprised just how affordable it can be to add a waterfall feature. It starts with a consultation and analysis of your needs and existing Omaha landscape and talking through the ways your vision could be a reality. We’ll always take into consideration important factors such as elevation, utility requirements, and the existing landscape design to arrive at the right recommendation and plan for your unique waterfall build. It really depends on the existing situation, but most waterfall installations begin with creating an underlying foundation of concrete, which provides the durable base necessary to support a water feature of this size and function. All measures will be taken to be certain your designed water feature is constructed with high-quality materials, is durable, long-lasting, and leak resistant, so you can look forward to years of enjoyment. Proper drainage and water recycling efforts will also be top of mind. While you are considering the possibilities of adding a waterfall to your Omaha outdoor landscape, you may also want to think about including a fountain feature. Many of Above & Beyond’s waterfall installations add a fountain at the top of the feature, or inside of the holding area at the base of the waterfall. There are just so many creative and attractive options.


Above & Beyond CGM also provides years of experience with incorporating ponds into the natural or man-made landscapes for our Omaha customers. Natural ponds are a little more tricky to maintain simply because of the ongoing changes that can occur in these organically-developed areas. Sediment and other organic materials in natural ponds can clog waterfall or integrated fountains, so it’s a little more challenging, but not impossible to create a water feature from an existing natural pond.

An easier to maintain option is a man-made pond. Above & Beyond can examine the lay of the land and identify areas that are well suited to pouring a concrete base for this planned area of water.

It’s much easier to create a functional water feature with added accoutrements like a fountain or waterfall feature in these types of manmade ponds.

Another possibility is to create a water feature such as a standalone pond that can sustain living plants, fish, and aquatic creatures. These types of ponds require additional features that can help to build and maintain a healthy ecosystem which is needed to keep these living, breathing organisms thriving.

Above & Beyond CGM can bring any water feature vision you may have to life, and our experienced Omaha design teams would love to talk through ways a waterfall, fountain or pond could make your outdoor space complete. Give us a call today at (402) 934-8866.

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