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Ways to Landscape Your Yard with Stone

Stone Walkway_Above and Beyond CGMAre you thinking about using stone in your yard landscape this spring? Our hardscaping design experts at Above and Beyond CGM in Omaha think that is a great idea and have a few suggestions for you. Stone is cheap and an easy go-to choice for your landscaping needs. However, choosing the right type of stone can be tricky. Stone can fit into just about any of your landscaping visions, all you have to do is decide what type and style of stone you want. Easier said than done though, right?

Before you choose a type of stone, you’ll want to have some type of plan in mind. We can even sketch out a few ideas for you to choose from. Once the plan is in place, the type of stone can be decided. Our landscaping and hardscaping professionals here at Above and Beyond CGM are going to inform you of the different types and styles of stone and what they’re used for. Read below for more information before you choose!

Styles of Landscaping Stone

While you’re choosing a stone, you must also think about the different styles that are offered for each one. We know, we know, another decision, but our team of professional landscapers promises it’ll be worth it! You can choose from tumbled, non-tumbled, and natural stone. Natural stones are just what they sound like, natural. They’re not processed in any way and they can be used for just about anything you come up with. Tumbled stones are great for a patio or walkway. They have smooth edges and are slip resistant because the stone is mixed with water and sand to give the impression that it’s older. Non-tumbled stones tend to have jagged edges as they haven’t been tumbled. These stones look best when they’re used as a main focal point and are more for decoration than function.

Types of Landscaping Stone

After you’ve chosen the style you want for your stone, it’s time to choose the type of stone your landscaping will have.

  • Limestone– is usually used to build walls because they don’t absorb much water. Typical colors of limestone are your basic neutrals; grey, white, tan, and black. Neutrals match with everything so they’re very versatile.
  • Marble– has more interesting colors like yellow, pink, white, black, and brown. It’s admired for its high-end classic look and is often used in pond and water features because it can absorb a lot of water.
  • Slate– Green, red, or black are the main color choices. It’s very water resistant, good for creating a deck next to or around a pool.
  • Granite– is one of the strongest stones and is usually used for stepping stones or walls. The colors available are red or pink shades.
  • Sandstone– is the cheapest stone available and comes in every color imaginable. It has many uses, but it’s mainly used to build walls.

The choice is yours and no choice is the wrong one!

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